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01 Mar

Updates from AGM 2024

New Officers and Stewards elected, and two significant motions voted on and passed to support local campaigns to Demilitarise Warwick, and to build a Campus Food Service for All.

13 Jan 2023

AGM 2023 - 27th February at 1pm

The next branch AGM will take place on Monday 27th February at 1pm, in R1.03 on the first floor of the Ramphal Building. For anyone unable or uncomfortable attending in-person, there will also be the option to attend remotely via Microsoft Teams.

21 Jan 2022

AGM 2022

The next branch AGM will take place on March 15th at noon, in the Kevin Gately Room on the first floor of the Students' Union HQ.

11 Mar 2021

AGM & Elections Update

Thank-you to all those who contributed to today's annual general meeting (AGM). Your contribution means that we can continue, grow and improve as a branch in the year ahead. We are pleased to announce the members that were elected at the AGM.

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