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Reading List

For general introductory reading and some translations of classical texts, see the 'AHCA/CC reading list'

The most useful thing you can do over the summer is not to forget your Latin and/or Greek! The module which you embark upon in the autumn will depend upon your level of language attainment so far as follows:

Click on the links above to find out what you can do over the summer to help ease your way into life in the first-year. Students may also contact the module teacher by email for advice on further reading, or if they have any questions about the module

If you will be starting Classical Greek from scratch, you might like to get ahead by learning the alphabet. Some letters may already be familiar to you, such as pi used in maths, or alpha and omega, as used in Christian contexts, but there's a fun interactive programme available online at the Open University designed to introduce you to the ancient Greek alphabet.

For background reading, we recommend for stimulating reads:

  • Beard, M., Henderson, J. A Very Short Introduction to Classics (Oxford University Press 2000)
  • Cartledge, P. The Greeks. A Portrait of Self and Others (Oxford University Press 2002)
  • Lane Fox, R. The Classical World: An Epic History from Homer to Hadrian (Penguin 2006)
  • Treggiari, S. Roman Social History (Routledge 2002)