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Dr. Conor Trainor

Research Fellow in Hellenistic Culture & Society

Tel: 23023
Email: C dot Trainor at warwick dot ac dot uk [Room number H2.20]
Humanities Building, University Road
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL


Conor Trainor completed his BA (Hons) and MA in Classics at Queen’s University (Ontario), before moving to Dublin to undertake a PhD in Classics at Trinity College. His PhD was awarded in 2013 and focused on ceramics from Hellenistic and Roman Sikyon. In 2015 Conor received a National University of Ireland Publication Award for his book, The Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon (Åströms Förlag, 2015).

Since 2000 he has participated in over a dozen archaeological fieldwork projects in both Greece and Canada, with a current research focus on the Graeco-Roman city of Knossos (6th Cent BCE-7th Cent CE). During 2008-2009 Conor was the Assistant Director of the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens, the archaeological and cultural representative of Irish universities in Greece. He has taught at Queen’s University (Ontario), Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, the Irish Institute of Hellenic Studies at Athens and the British School at Athens. Conor joined the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Warwick in 2016 as the Research Fellow in Hellenistic Culture & Society.

Research Interests

Conor’s main research interests include the Classical, Hellenistic and Roman Greece, ceramics, food archaeology, foodways, ceramic technologies, ancient economies, social history, landscape archaeology, field survey, urbanism, museums and collections. Over the last decade he has focused his studies on Hellenistic and Roman cities in Greece and archaeological survey, and is particularly interested in the relationship between materiality and political/social transition.

At present, Conor is the Principal Investigator on a project aimed at studying and publishing the archaeological remains of a wine-making facility at Knossos. He is also currently a specialist researcher studying Archaic-Late Roman ceramics as part of the Knossos Urban Landscapes Project. In addition to his fieldwork projects he is currently co-authoring a book on Roman ceramics in the UCD Classical Museum, and is working on a monograph about on Graeco-Roman Knossos.

Teaching and supervision

Selected publications


  • 2015: The Ceramics Industry of Roman Sikyon (Åströms Editions Press).

Peer-Reviewed Papers and Articles

  • Submitted and Accepted for Publication: Trainor, C. and P. Stone. ‘Tales of Two Cities: Urban Surveys of the Hellenistic and Roman Cities of Sikyon and Knossos.’ In Nazou, M, W. Van de Put and, A. Meens (eds.), proceedings from the conference Fields, Sherds and Scholars: Recording and Interpreting Survey Ceramics, Danish Institute at Athens. February 24-25th 2017.
  • In Press: Trainor, C. and E. Kiriatzi. “The Ceramic Fabric Analysis of the Sikyon Survey Project.” In Lolos, Y. (ed.) Sikyon I: The Urban Survey: 227-244. Meletemata, Athens.
  • 2019: Trainor, C. ‘Polis, Colony and Beyond: Urban Knossos from Archaic to Late Antique Times,’ in G. Siphakis and A. Kalokairinos et al. (eds) Proceedings of the 12th International Congress of Cretan Historical Studies. Heraklion.
  • 2019: Trainor, C., E. Tzavella, D. Grigoropoulos and M. Maher. ‘Early Roman Sikyon: Aspects of Urban Organization, Settlement and Economy.’ Grigoropoulos et al. (eds). What’s New in Roman Greece? Athens.
  • 2016: Trainor C. and P. Stone, ‘Winners, Losers and Survivors of Roman Imperialism’. In Gauss W. et al. (eds.) The Distribution of Technological Knowledge in the Production of Ancient Mediterranean Pottery: 97-113. Vienna.
  • 2014: Tzavella, E., C. Trainor and M. Maher. ‘Late Roman pottery from the Sikyon Survey Project: local production, imports, and urban evolution (4th - 7th c. AD).’ Proceedings from the 4th Conference on Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae, Thessaloniki, 7-10 April 2011. Oxford: 91-102.
  • 2013: Gauss, W., R. Smetana, J.B. Rutter, J. Dorner, P. Eitzinger, C. Klein, A. Kurz, A. Lätzer-Lasar, M. Leibetseder, C. Regner, H. Stümpel, A. Tanner, C. Trainor, and M. Trapichler. 2013. ‘Aigeira 2012. Bericht zu Aufarbeitung und Grabung.’ Jahreshefte des Österreichischen archäologischen Instituts in Wien 82: 69–91.
  • 2011: Lolos, Y., B. Gourley, A. Sarris, C. Hayward, C. Trainor, E. Kiriatzi and N. Papadopoulos. ‘The Sikyonian Plateau: Integrated Approach to the Study of an Ancient Cityscape.’ Fifth Symposium of the Hellenic Society of Archaeometry. Athens: 305-326.

Book Reviews

  • In press: Trainor, C. ‘The Age of Conquests, the Greek World from Alexander to Hadrian’, by A. Chaniotis. History Today.
  • 2018: Trainor, C. 'The Archaeology of Greece and Roman. Studies in Honour of Anthony Snodgrass, by J. Bintliff and K. Rutter (eds.) Classical Review 68.1.
  • 2012: Trainor, C. ‘Art and Identity in Dark Age Greece, 1100-700 B.C.E. by S. Langdon’. Hermathena 187: 105-107.
  • 2017: Trainor, C. ‘The Hellenistic Age, by P. Thonemann.' Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2017.06.36.

On-Going Projects

  • 2019-Present: Trainor, C. Trypas Xerokambou. Hellenistic and Roman Ceramics from a East Cretan Cult Cave.
  • 2016-Present: Trainor, C. and J. Day. Ancient Rome and the Classical Museum: Terra Sigillata. A study of the Roman ceramics housed in the collection of the UCD Classical Museum.
  • 2014-Present: Findings from a First Century BC Wine Press at Knossos (the University of Warwick and the British School at Athens). Principle Investigator, responsible for the publication of the remains from an urban wine production facility at Knossos and their economic ramifications.
  • 2014-Present: Knossos Urban Landscape Project (University College London/23rd Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities). Specialist researcher, on the Greek and Roman periods at Knossos.
  • 2013-Present: The Kenchreai Quarries Survey (University of Edinburgh). Specialist, responsible for the study and publication of ceramics from the survey of the ancient and late antquie quarry complexes at Kenchrea, Greece.


  • BA; MA Queen’s University (Ontario)
  • PhD (Trinity College Dublin)

Office hours

Tuesdays: 10am-Noon
(or by appointment)


Undergraduate modules

CX 251-30 The Hellenistic World