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Ancient Invisible Cities - Cairo, Athens, Istanbul - BBC2 - Professor Michael Scott

Professor Michael Scott's new BBC2 series Ancient Invisible Cities, focusing on the cities of Cairo, Athens and Istanbul, starts on Friday 7th September 9pm (Cairo), continuing on Friday 14th September (Athens) and Friday 21st September (Istanbul). In the programmes Michael abseils, climbs, and dives to reach incredible hidden ancient structures (some of which have never been filmed before), and works with a laser scanning team bring these ancient worlds to life in virtual reality.

Winds and Antigone's Madness

This month on the Classical Texting Blog, Bianca Mazzinghi Gori discusses the significance of wind in Sophocles' Antigone in 'Winds and Antigone's Madness'.

Expressing Identities in Graeco–Latin Bilingual Inscriptions

This month on Classical Texting, Paloma Perez Galvan discusses bilingualism in her entry 'Expressing Identities in Graeco-Latin Bilingual Inscriptions'.

Classical Texting- "Prudens Simplicitas: The Decline of Simplicitas"

Martina Russo, PhD candidate in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at Warwick, has published on the concept of simplicitas in Latin Literature. Read it here.

Classical Texting, 'Undressing Eteocles: A performative approach to the Labdacids' Curse'

Emmy Stavropolou writes '(Un)dressing Eteocles: A performative approach to the Labdacids' Curse', a discussion of a central scene in Aeschylus' Seven Against Thebes.

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