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Outreach, Public Engagement and Widening Participation

The Department of Classics is passionately committed to encouraging as wide an audience as possible to engage with the study of the Classical world. We focus our efforts focus on three main areas:

  • Outreach - working both directly with schools and institutions across the country as well as through some of the University of Warwick's dedicated outreach initiatives to increase access to the study of the Classical world.
  • Engagement - engaging directly with the wider public in various forms about the Classical world.
  • Widening participation - working through several of the University's dedicated widening participation teams with prioritised school communities local to the University.e also participate in Warwick's Sutton Trust Summer School. Read more about our Sutton Trust School in 2016 for a taste of what we have offered in the past.

Pseudolus - Warwick ClassicsOur activities and resources for schools can be found on our dedicated Warwick Classics Network Page, and annual Ancient Drama festival page.

Wider engagement activities

Staff members are involved in numerous kinds of engagement activities both linked to Warwick and further afield, such as contributing to the University's Knowledge Centre articles; as well as developing their own Vodcasts and videos and working with national and international broadcasters on radio and TV programmes. For more details, see the individual staff pages.

If you would like further information about the Department's activities, and how you can get involved, do get in touch with Dr Michael Scott m dot c dot scott at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Public Lecture by Prof Alastair Blanshard, IAS Visiting Fellow in Classics 2016

The public lecture 'The Greeks and Us' given by Prof Alastair Blanshard (University of Queensland, Australia) while he was based at Warwick as IAS Visiting Fellow, is now available to view as a video and as a podcast. The public lecture, and the video, were kindly sponsored by the Warwick Faculty of Arts and GRP Connecting Cultures. This lecture is ideal for students of Classics, Classical Civilisation Classical Archaeology & Ancient History at GCSE, A level and beyond.

The Greeks and Us - Audio Podcast of Public Lecture by Prof Alastair Blanshard

School and association talks and events

Department staff members and the Outreach Assistant regularly give school talks both in the local Warwick area and nationally (and internationally) to age groups from 10 to 18. Staff members also often give talks as part of extra-curricular 'Classical world' days organised by institutions like the British Museum for UK schools, as well as at events held for those teaching Classical world subjects at school (e.g. ARLT, BASS). Staff members and students are also active in a number of Warwick University initiatives and teams engaging with communities across the country to increase access to and enjoyment of education.

The following staff members and post-graduates are willing to give talks to schools. Please contact them directly to arrange a convenient time:

Dr Alison Cooley - a dot cooley at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Roman Italy; Pompeii; Augustus; Roman inscriptions

Prof. Zahra Newby - zahra dot newby at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Ancient athletics, Art in Roman world, Myth and Art, Death and Commemoration in the Roman world, Roman housing

Dr Michael Scott - m dot c dot scott at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Ancient Greek history, archaeology, religion, Classics and TV.

Dr Emmanuela Bakola - e dot bakola at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Ancient Greek Drama

Dr Victoria Rimell - Topics: Latin and Greek literature, Roman thought, Classical reception

Dr Elena Giusti - Topics: Latin and Greek Literature, Roman thought, Classical reception

Dr David Fearn - Topics: Greek Literature and thought, Classical reception.

Dr Clare Rowan - Topics: Roman history, numismatics

Mr Clive Letchford C dot A dot Letchford at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Learning Latin and Greek

Ms. Vicky Jewell v dot jewell at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Roman art and archaeology; colour in Greek and Roman worlds

Ms Kathryn Thompson k dot e dot thompson at warwick dot ac dot uk Topics: Reception of the Classical World

Research impact

Learn more about how our research has an impact in secondary education, external organisations and the media.

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