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Ancient Worlds Study Day


On Thursday 21st November the WCN and Dept of Classics and Ancient History at Warwick will be running our 2019 Warwick Classics Network Study Day entitled ‘Ancient Worlds’.

Organised through the generous support of the A. G. Leventis Foundation, the day is aimed at school children from KS2-KS5 and for members of the general public and will be organised to suit each audience (see schedule),

Top authors such as Natalie Haynes, Emily Hauser, Caroline Lawrence, and Alexandra Sheppard will give talks and lead workshops on the ancient world, myths and story-telling. Caroline Lawrence, author of The Roman Mysteries series will talk on Myths, Movies and Storytelling - What do Paddington and Aeneas have in common? More than you might imagine! In a fun illustrated talk, million-selling author Caroline shares how poets, storytellers and movie-makers use the same fun steps when composing their epics. Alexandra Sheppard, author of Oh My Gods will give a talk on ‘21st Century Gods - Together you will explore the role of mythology in ancient Greece, then as a group, you will imagine a new set of gods relevant to our modern world. Emily Hauser author of the best-selling Golden Apple Trilogy will give a talk onRewriting AncientGreek Myths in Fiction’ - How do we go about remaking ancient Greek myths for a modern audience? And how can storytelling open up new perspectives on the ancient Greek myths we thought we knew so well? And Natalie Haynes, author of The Amber Fury, The Children of Jocasta, and creator of BBC's Stand up for the Classics will give a talk entitled Troy Story, about all things Trojan and her latest best-seller A Thousand Ships.

In addition, our Warwick Classics Academics will lead sessions on their own interests and specialities in the Ancient World: Eric Csapo and Emmanuela Bakola onThe stories about Achilles' birth and death: art, epic, myth and drama’; Alison Cooley on ‘The Stones of Pompeii tell tales’; Victora Rimell and David Fearn on ‘Four Classical Poems: The Wow of Narrative’; and Michael Scott on ‘Heracles – he does get around’.

Booking information will appear here shortly.