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Culture and the Arts
Imperial Image: Dr Eris Williams-Reed
Greek Theatre: Prof Eric Csapo

Some New Developments in Scholarship on Ancient Theatre - PowerPoint

Greek Art: Prof Suzanne Frey-Kupper
Invention of the Barbarian: Prof Margaret Miller - Persians in Athenian Vase-painting


Beliefs and Ideas
Democracy and the Athenians: Prof James Davidson
Love and Relationships: Dr Joe Watson
Politics of the Late Republic: Dr Caroline Petit
Greek Religion: Dr Paul Grigsby

What can we Learn from the Trial of Socrates about Greek Religion? PowerPoint

Bowden - Impiety

Jakubiec - Beliefs of Socrates

Mikalson - Service to the gods

Muir - Piety and charge against Socrates

Giordano-Zecharya - Non belief in gods

World of Hero - Virgil
Virgil - Dr Nicolas Liney
World of Hero - Homer

Homer - Dr Xavier Buxton