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Public Engagement Group Projects

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Hidden Histories

Resources for KS3 on overlooked groups of the ancient world including sessions on slaves, women and on disability.

Ancient Fiction

A review site for films, books, games and other Classics run by a group of students whose own entry into Classics was through ancient fiction.

Classics Engage

A series of fun workshops designed to introduce the Ancient World to the pupils of the North. Cue togas and false beards...

Roman Cookery Workshop

A workshop developed to be run in schools or at public events, with authentic Roman recipes and not a dormouse in sight.

Emperor Workshop

A workshop aimed at KS2 pupils based on being a Roman Emperor and including military conquests and mosaic making

Bacchae Move

Bacchae Move

The aim was to take our Ancient Drama Festival production of Euripides' Bacchae to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival....