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A Day in the Life Workshop


Hi! We are Tahlia and Alex, and we have created this fun and interactive workshop as part of our public engagement project. We have included all our materials here for you to download and take part yourself.

As you can see to the right, this is a tried and tested workshop that we have used in 4 classes in Manchester aged 8-11 who thoroughly enjoyed themselves (and our costumes)!

The aim of this workshop is to have an engaging and fun introduction to the Ancient Greeks in a way that may encourage the pupils to continue the subject at Secondary School and beyond.

So have fun, get noisy, get on your feet!! And enjoy.

Each section / video is created to work alone as well as the session as a whole, so if your interest is solely in medicine or Sparta, then just use that part.

If you have any questions, or would like to follow our progress, check out our Twitter: @ClassicsEngageLink opens in a new window


Our Resources

First, download our introduction, this will guide you through our workshop and allow you to bring it into your own classroom.

Now, download the following zipped file.

A Day in the Life Workshop

And here is our YouTube and the individual videos.

Classics Engage YouTube ChannelLink opens in a new window

Individual YouTube Links - The MotherLink opens in a new window, The DoctorLink opens in a new window, The Spartan WarriorLink opens in a new window, The GodsLink opens in a new window


What You Could Create

Of course, this Workshop would not be complete without some examples of the type of work you can expect to finish the day with! Below is some work from our own trials, ranging from Year 4 to 6 at all different levels.

Here are our 2 main example pieces,

'A Day in the Life of Athena' (our example)

'A Day in the Life of a Spartan Warrior' (Year 6 Greater Depth)

And here are some lovely images of the work!

Year 6

Year 6 & Year 5

Year 5