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A-Z of Roman Coventry


Since the at least the 18th Century the citizens of Coventry have been uncovering evidence of the Roman past beneath their feet. As the evidence will show, there is more to Roman Coventry than might otherwise be thought, even though it does not seem to have been a large place of settlement like nearby Leicester, Alcester, Rugby or Mancetter. The site of Coventry and nearby Lunt Roman Fort in Baginton occupies an interesting point near the crossroads of the Fosse Way and Watling Street - two major Roman roads bisecting the country - a geographical position which played an important role in the development of the region.

Evidence abounds for Romans in and around Coventry and more is being discovered all the time. Lunt Roman Fort was for a few periods very important locally, and evidence suggests that Romans and Britons lived and interacted locally all across the area.

Types of Evidence

When considering the evidence for Roman Coventry, always think about where the information has come from. Modern archaeology is much more advanced than that from the previous centuries. Dating is much more accurate, and all items and find-spots are meticulously recorded. In the past, this was not the case. Some of the evidence comes from old magazines with little more than a brief and vague description. Can we even be sure that these items are Roman? So in considering the evidence in these pages, always consider where the information has come from, and consider yourselves which are the most trustworthy or give the best information.

Do your own exploring and research

While some of the evidence for Coventry's Roman past comes from recent archaeology, much is based on old records and even rumour. As we piece together the story of Coventry's Roman past, YOU can help uncover even more! Perhaps you can find out what has been found near your school or where you live, and how we know? This would make a great group or individual project. If you find more evidence, or some old sources for Coventry's Roman heritage, let us know!