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Roman Cookery Workshops

Interested in a Roman Cookery Workshop in your School?

If you are a local Coventry or Warwickshire school and are interested in finding more about the workshops and how your pupils might be able to experience some Roman cooking, please email Dr Paul Grigsby at A number of workshops are currently being developed by our students to roll out late Spring/early Summer 2023.

If you would be interested in helping us develop these workshops we would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

Development History

In 2022 three of our Warwick Classics students [Jaya Sepion-Earp (below right), Samuel Pollard, and Elizabeth Noak] created a Roman Cookery Workshop as part of their group project for the module Public Engagement in Classics. Their aim was to create a workshop that could be led by Warwick students at on-campus events and in local schools, or could be loaned to local schools for them to run themselves.

Roman Cookery workshop Resonate

Rhianna Pike and Jaya Sepion-Earp running the workshop at the April 2022 Resonate Festival at Warwick University

The students purchased some Roman replica pottery from Potted History (below) to add a touch of authenticity to the workshop, and adapted recipes from The Classical Cookbook by by Andrew Dalby and Sally Grainger. We would like to thank the Warwick Food GRP for their generous funding which made this project possible.

Roman replica pottery

Recipes include 'Athenian cabbage', 'Celery puree', 'honeyed mushrooms' (the dish that apparently poisoned the Emperor Claudius - no problems with our recipe though), 'Vitellian peas', and 'melon and garum'

Roman food