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Virtual and Travelling Museum


Our aim for this part of our new project is to provide virtual and physical access to some of the most important artefacts linked to Coventry’s Roman past. While the Dept. of Classics has recently received funding to create a travelling artefact collection, our Roman Coventry Project will extend this artefact project to create resources based on artefacts at local heritage institutions such as the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, and Warwickshire Museum. Through this project we aim to build strong connections between Warwick University and all of our local schools. Objects will be made available from the University of Warwick collection, from the Warwickshire Museum in Warwick, and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry.

We are very excited to be working alongside Dr Paul Wilson of Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) on this part of our Roman Coventry Project. With the help of the WMG, selected artefacts from our local museums will be scanned using photogrammetry to allow 3D images to be created and viewed online. Some of these scanned items will then be printed using a 3D printer for addition to our Travelling Museum boxes. The first scanning took place on 6th July 2021 at the Lunt Roman Fort, which you can read about here.

We are also pleased to announce that the WCN Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project has received funding from the Classical Association and the Arts Impact Fund at the University of Warwick. This will allow us to create our online resources and lessons in tandem with the WMG, Herbert Gallery and Warwickshire Museum, as well as organising school events in 2021.So watch this space for more travelling artefact projects!

Online Resources and Travelling Artefact Lessons/Boxes

As the scanned museum material becomes available online, it will be posted here. In addition some usable sessions based on our Warwick University artefacts are already available online.

As we develop our Travelling Museum lessons-in-a-box over the coming academic year, these will be available to be loaned out to schools for sessions led by teachers or Warwick staff/students depending on availability. To be eligible to receive these FREE travelling resources, you need to sign up to the Roman Coventry and Warwickshire Project by emailing Dr Paul Grigsby at paul dot grigsby at warwick dot ac dot uk. All we ask in return is that you give us feedback on these resources when you have used them so that we can continue to improve them.

Learning about Inscriptions

If you want to learn more about Latin inscriptions more generally, here at the University of Warwick, our very own Prof Alison Cooley has been involved in a wonderful project to bring the Latin inscriptions from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford to the public eye. As part of the project, a suite of Teaching Resources have been created which you can access here.