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On Monday 22 June, from 11 AM, Warwick RAG will hold 6 talks on its Facebook page regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement, providing cultural and historical context to the current racial issues.
11 am- Members of the English Lit Society will recommend some books for education on racism and their experience in being taught primarily white literature.
11:15 am- Members of Warwick Amnesty will talk about black activists and charities, the effectiveness of direct action, and their methods of activism around campus.
2 pm- Dr. Lydia Plath (Associate Professor of the History Department at Warwick), as a specialist in the history of racism and racial violence, will share her research on race relations in America.
3 pm- Ruva Knight (2nd-year History student) will analyze the representation of black women through the lyrics of a 1994 song, and more broadly of black people in the music industry,
3:15- Dr. Jonathan Shroeder (Associate Professor of the English and History Department at Warwick) will talk about his biography on the life of John Jacobs, who escaped from slavery and rose to prominence as an anti-slavery speaker.
4:15- Dr. Simon Peplow (Senior Teaching Fellow of 20th Century British History at Warwick) will provide a historical overview of the relationship between black people and the police in the UK.
President of Warwick RAG, Beatriz Torres