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MA in English Literature Course Structure

Course Regulations – MA in English Literature

a. Students must take four modules (each worth 30 CATS) and write a 16,000-word dissertation (60 CATS).

b. Full-time students must take two modules in term 1 and a further two in term 2. Part-time students will usually take one module in each of the four taught terms across the two-year period of their study. However, they may take more three modules in their first year with the approval of the degree convener

b. In addition to their chosen modules, students they must undertake and pass the "Introduction to Research Methods" training programme in their first term.

c. At least one of a student's four modules must be a core critical theory module (as identified by the Department).

d. Students wishing to do so may take one creative writing module.

e. Students wishing to do so may take one module outside the department, but must seek approval from the degree convener to do so and also acquire permission from the relevant tutor/convener of the outside module.

d. Students must accrue 180 CATS to complete the MA. Full-time students must gain these credits in a year. Part-time students will usually take 60 CATS of taught modules in each Year 1 and a further 60 CATS of taught modules in Year 2, though with the approval of the course convener they may opt to take more CATS in the first year. They will complete the 60-CAT dissertation in Year 2.

e. The pass mark for this course is 50. Students who complete the MA with an overall average of 70 or higher will be awarded a distinction. Students with a final average of 60-69 will be awarded a merit.

f. If a student fails to achieve the requisite 180 CATS but has passed at least 120 CATS the Board of Examiners may decide to award them a Postgraduate Diploma in English.

g. This course adheres to the examination conventions set out in University Regulations 37.3 through 37.5 (