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EN101 Epic into Novel - Honours Variants – EN2J4/EN3J4


Convenor: Dr John Gilmore

Module Information

This module will seek to

  • introduce students to aspects of epics and epic traditions in Western and other literatures, making use of a range of longer and shorter texts
  • explore ways in which novels and other genres engage with epic traditions
  • encourage students to think about how literatures from different cultures engage with each other, including what it means to read texts in translations
  • encourage students to think about gender and power relations in literature

Please see the Reading List tab (above) for details of the set texts for the this module, including a week by week outline, and information about which texts you should buy. It is important that you use the editions/translations stated. Students are encouraged to read Gilgamesh, the selections listed from Homer's Iliad, and as much as possible of the Odyssey during the summer.