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Contemporary World Literature

Name Description Last Editor Last Updated
Embassytown A critical exploration of China Mieville's Embassytown. Robert O'Toole 10/12/12
Persepolis An overview and critical analysis of Persepolis, a look at Marjane Satrapi and modernity, a close reading and a historical and geographical analysis. Nicholas Lawrence 05/04/14
Persepolis 2013 Introduction to Persepolis, with a close reading, historical and geographical context and a theoretical interpretation. Nicholas Lawrence 05/04/14
The City and the City An exploration into The City and the City Nicholas Lawrence 05/04/14
White Oleander An interview with Janet Fitch and a comprehensive critical analysis of her novel, 'White Oleander'. Nicholas Lawrence 05/04/14
WhiteOleander2013 24/05/13