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Syllabus 09-10

Autumn Term 2009:

Week 1: Introduction and The English Faust Book [Paul Prescott, English]

Week 2: Christopher Marlowe, Dr Faustus [PP]

Week 3-5: Goethe, Faust, Parts 1 and 2 [PP and James Hodkinson, German]

Week 7: Faust, Magic and the Mind [Matthew Broome, Medical School]

Week 8: Faustian economics 1 [Grier Palmer, Business School]

Week 9: Faustian economics 2 [Grier Palmer, Business School]

Week 10: Faust and Society [Cath Lambert, Sociology]

Spring Term 2010:

Week 1: Faust on Film 1 (Murnau, Faust 1926) [Sean Allan, German]

Week 2: Faust on Film 2 (Szabó, Mephisto 1981) [SA]

Week 3: Faust in the Theatre [PP]

Week 4: Faust and Theology [Dr Paul Edmondson, Queens Foundation, Bham]

Week 5: Faust’s Brain [Matthew Broome]

Weeks 7: Faust in the Dock: Faustian pacts in legal history [Paul Raffield, Law]

Week 8 – 10: Group Project Work [PP]

Summer Term 2010:

Weeks 1-2: Group Project Work and Public Presentation [PP]

Week 3: Deadline for Group Projects and Individual Portfolios (Faustbooks)