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Complete Module Listing

***Please note that not all modules run every year***


EN101 The Epic Tradition

EN107 British Theatre since 1939

EN121 Medieval to Renaissance English Literature

EN122 Modes of Reading

EN123 Modern World Literatures (formerly known as Literature of the Modern World)

EN124 Modes of Writing

EN126 History and Textuality (English and History Students Only)

EN2B0/EN3B0 The European Novel (previously EN201)

EN206 Comparative Literature I: German and English Romanticism (Discontinued)

EN2B2/EN3B2 US Writing and Culture: 1780-1920 (previously EN213)

ENB3 Drama and Democracy (previously EN226)

EN2B4/EN3B4 Romantic and Victorian Poetry (previously EN227)

EN2B5/EN3B5 Seventeenth Century Literature (formerly known as Seventeenth Century Literature and Culture EN228)

EN2B6/EN3B6 Literary and Cultural Theory (previously EN229)

EN2B7 Composition and Creative Writing (2nd Year ELCW Students only - EN232)

EN3B9 The Practice of Fiction (previously EN236)

EN2B8 The Practice of Poetry (previously EN238)

EN2C0/EN3C0 Screenwriting (previously EN240)

ENC1/EN3C1 Arthurian Literature and its Legacy (previously EN242)

EN2C2/EN3C2 The English Nineteenth Century Novel (previously EN245)

EN246 Feminist Perspectives on Literature (Discontinued)

EN248 Modern American Poetry

EN2C4/EN3C4 New Literatures in English (previously EN251)

EN252 Chaucer

EN258 The Practice of Life Writing

EN261 Introduction to Creative Writing

EN2C7\EN3C7 Devolutionary British Fiction: 1930 - present (previously EN263)

EN264 Explorations in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies

EN265 The Global Novel

EN267 Literature, Environment and Ecology 

EN268 Modernist Cultures

EN270 Transnational Feminism: Literature, Theory and Practice

EN271 Expatriation, Dispatriation and Modern American Poetry

EN273 Reeling and Writhing

EN277 Asia and the Victorians

EN278 Ends and Beginnings: Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Literature and Culture

EN301 Shakespeare and Selected Dramatists of His Time

EN302 European Theatre

EN304 Twentieth-Century North American Literature

EN320 Dissertation

EN323 Othello (15 CATS)

EN328 English Literature and Feminisms, 1790-1901

EN329 Personal Writing Project

EN330 Eighteenth Century Literature

EN331 Poetry in English Since 1945

EN333 Poetry and Emotion

EN334 Crime Fiction, Nation and Empire: Britain 1850-1947

EN335 Literature & Psychoanalysis: Trauma, Fantasy, The Death Drive

EN336 States of Damage: Twenty-First Century US Writing & Culture

EN337 Shakespeare from Page to Stage to Page: Modes of Production and Reception

EN338 Russian Narratives - not running until further notice.

EN339 Shakespeare and the Director (15 CATS)

EN342 Teaching Shakespeare: A Practical Approach (15 CATS)

EN343 Drama, Performance and Identity Post 1955

EN344 Representing Depression

EN345 Shakespeare's Later Collaborators I (15 CATS)

EN346 Shakespeare's Later Collaborators II (15 CATS)

EN347 Shakespeare and the Law (15 CATS)

EN348 Twentieth-Century Avant-gardes

EN349 Shakespeare's Books

EN352 Restoration Drama - (15 CATS) (This module was formerly EN235 Restoration Drama at 30 CATS.)

EN353 Early Modern Drama - (15 CATS)

EN355 Ecopoetics 

EN356 The Classical Tradition in English Translation: The Renaissance- (15 CATS)

EN357 The Classical Tradition in English Translation:18th-Century to the Present- (15 CATS)

EN359 Further Explorations in Medieval Literature

EN360 Ben Jonson in Context - (15 CATS)

EN361 Introduction to Alternative Lifeworlds Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy and the Weird)

EN363 How to read a Translation

EN370 Commodity Fictions: World Literature and World-Ecology

EN371 Dissonant Voices of the Middle Ages: Satire and Debate 1325-1525

EN372 Queer and There: Queer Theory and the History of Sexuality in the Global Context- 15 CATS

EN373 Exophony or Writing Beyond the Mother Tongue - 15 CATS

EN374 Global City Literature: Image, Theory, Text

EN375 Fiction Now: Narrative, Media and Theory in the 21st Century

EN376 Cultures of Abolition, Slvery, prison, debt and data

EN377 Literature, Theory and Time

EN378 Disasters and the British Contemporary

EN379 The Marriage Plot: romance, sex and feminism in English Fiction- 15 CATS

EN380 Plant Thinking: Literature and Vegetal Life - 15 CATS

EN381 Remaking Shakespeare

EN382 Inventing Selves 1: Life Writing - 15 CATS

EN383 Inventing Selves 2: Life Writing

EN384 Writing Out Loud: Slam, spoken word, and performance poetics

EN389 Small Press Publishing: History, Theory, Practice

EN390 Words and Images

EN391 American Horror Story: U.S.Gothic Cultures, 1790 - Present

EN392 Race, Ethnicity and Migration in the Americas

EN393 Advanced Screenwriting

EN394 Black Radical Thought

EN395 Dreaming in the Middle Ages: Fiction, Imagination and Knowledge

EN396 The English Country House: fictions and histories

EN397 Game Theory: Interactive and Video Game Narratives

EN398 Medieval Alterities: Race, Religion and Orientalism in the Literature of Medieval England

EN399 On the Road to Collapse

EN3A0 Poetry and crisis: William Langland's Piers Plowman in late medieval culture and society

EN3A2 Women and Writing, 1150-1450

EN3A3 Writing the Isles

EN3A4 Austen in Theory