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Critical Assessment


1,000-word Short Response Assignment (Due Week Five via Tabula)

This assignment asks you to provide a critical response to one of the literary texts or films from the first half of the module, engaging with the key concepts of queerness that have been discussed in seminars and secondary readings.

Like any other essay, your response should be structured, with a strong thesis statement and overarching argument. You may choose to focus on a particular passage in one of the literary texts, a particular element or issue relating to genre and representation, or you may elaborate on how a particular critical node operates in the chosen text (e.g. intersectionality, performance of gender, expression of sex and sexuality, etc.). You may also do a creative response to this assignment.

There is no expectation that you will undertake additional reading for this assignment.

Do think carefully about your choice of text, so as not to limit yourself for the final 3,000-word essay due at the start of Term 2.