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Research Seminars 2005 to 2006

All seminars are on Wednesdays, 5pm in Room H502. Staff and students from all faculties are very welcome. Wine will be served following discussion. Please contact Emma Mason for further details.

Autumn Term

Week 2:
(October 12)

Nayantara Sahgal

A Reading and Discussion

Week 4: (October 19)

Elizabeth Barry, Thomas Docherty, Nick Lawrence, Neil Lazarus, Pablo Mukherjee, Stephen Shapiro and Rashmi Varma

The Future of Comparative Literary Studies: a roundtable

Week 5: (October 26)

John McGowan (North Carolina)

Sufficient Unto the Day: Arendt, Ishiguro, and the Banality of Evil

Week 7 (November 9)

Marilyn Gaull (New York)

From the Fossils to the Clones

Week 9: (November 23)

Anthony Bale (Birkbeck)

Anti-semitism, affect and the late-medieval cartoon strip

Spring Term

Week 3
: (January 18)

Jason Rudy (Maryland)

Tennyson’s Electric Meters

Week 5: (February 1)

Nicola McDonald (York)

Eating up the Turk, Medieval and Modern

Week 8: (February 22)

Sam Durrant (Leeds)

The Invention of Mourning in Post apartheid Literature

Week 9: (March 1)

Carolyn Burdett (London Metropolitan)

Automata, Aesthetics and Empathy: Theories of Body, Mind and Art at the End of the Nineteenth Century

Week 10: (March 8)

Keya Ganguly (Minnesota)

Traditional and Critical Theory, Take Two: Some Lessons for Postcolonial Studies

Summer Term

Week 3
: (May 3)

Benita Parry

A Third-World Aesthetic?