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Staff Research Seminars 2010-11 Programme

Professor Richard Godden, University of California, Irvine 'Reading Red Leaves: Mouths, Labour Power and Revolutions'

Professor Jacqueline Labbe, 'Reading Jane Austen after Reading Charlotte Smith'

Dr Michael Gardiner, 'Nuclear Gothic:1980-1985'

Dr Elizabeth Barry, Beckett and Brain Science: The Survival of Consciousness'

Dr Cathia Jenainati, '"It wasn't very long before father struck out leaving us at the mercy of heaven": Representing the Nation State in Hanna Mina's Fragments of Memory'

Professor Thomas Docherty, 'I Confess'

Dr Alexandra Lewis, IAS Junior Research Fellow, 'A Dreadful Collection of Memoranda': Wuthering Heights and Nineteenth Century Pathologies of Remembrance'

Colleagues from Monash University - click here for more details

Dr Sondeep Kandola, Visiting Academic from Liverpool St John Moores University, '"[O]ne of the silliest men I have ever met": Arthur Machen, W.B.Yeats ad the Celtic Occult'

Professor Carolyn Williams (Rutgers), 'Gilbert and Sullivan for Feminists'