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Provisional Programme

10.00 - 10.30: Coffee and Registration (Ground Floor of Humanities Building)


10.30: Introduction, Rebecca Hayes (English, Warwick University)


10.30 - 11.30:  Keynote 1-
Dr Elizabeth Clarke (English, Warwick University):  'Vicious Text/Virtuous Text: Political Uses of the Song of Songs in the Seventeenth Century'  [Chair: Alice Eardley (English, Warwick University)]


11.30 - 13.00: Parallel Session 1
1: ‘Constructing Virtuous Identities’

Chair: Alice Eardley (English, Warwick University)

-Sarah Apetrei (Theology, University of Oxford): 'The Way of Perfection: Women, Piety and the Reformation of Manners in Late Seventeenth Century England'

-Cherry Sandover (Cultural and Contextual Studies, University of Essex): 'What Lies Beneath?  The Role of the Commemorative Monument in Constructing a Virtuous Identity'

-Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (English, University of Oxford): '“glorious fercenesss dwelt wth Charming grace” (Elegy 5, ‘On the Picture in Armour’): Lucy Hutchinson’s Depiction of Political Virtue and Vice'


 2: ‘Secular and Religious Codes of Behaviour’

Chair: Ben Burton (English, University of Oxford)

-Tamar Cholcman (Art History, Tel Aviv University): 'Virtues and Vices: Civic Morality'

-Anastasia Stouraiti (History, University of Athens):  'Levantine Vices and Visions of Empire in Seventeenth Century Venice'

-Patricia Tate (History, University of Essex): 'Balancing Vice and Religion: The Role of Vice in the Creation of the Clerical Masculine Ideal'


13.00 – 14.00: Lunch


14.00 -15.30: Parallel Session 2
1: ‘Sex and Erotic Representations’

Chair: Rebecca Hayes (English, Warwick University)

-Ana Maria Gruia (Medieval Studies, Central European University—Budapest): 'Hot and Hotter: Erotic Representation on Late Medieval and Early Modern Stove Tiles'

-Héloise Sénéchal (English, Warwick University): ‘Wanton Words and Awkward Editors: Glossing Shakespeare’s Sexual Language’

-Benjamin Jacob (Independent Scholar): 'The Whore, the Court, the Church and the Origins of Pre-Modern Obscenity'


2: ‘Crime, Deviancy and Punishment’

Chair: Emily Ross (English, Otaga University--New Zealand)

-Lynn Robson (English, University of Oxford): ‘'O, this dark dungeon! The best place that ever I came in': Penitence and Transformation in the Early Modern Condemned Cell’

-Richard Sims (Independent Scholar): 'Getting Away with Murder?: Pardoning Women for Homicide in Early Modern England'

-Nick Tosney (History, University of York): '"Scandalous places and company"? Place and Contrasting Representations of Gaming c. 1650-1760'       


15.40 - 17.00: Parallel Session 3
1: ‘Church and Morality’

Chair: Sarah Apetrei (Theology, University of Oxford)

-Angela McShane-Jones (History, Oxford-Brookes University): ‘A “Profane Sacrament” or a Sacred Profanity? Cups of Caritas in Seventeenth Century England

-Neil Tarrant (Centre for History of Science Technology and Medicine, Imperial College): 'Censoring Philosophy in Late Sixteenth Century Italy: Grace, Divine Foreknowledge and Heresy'

-Jonathan Willis (History, University of Warwick): '"In these things I sometimes sin unawares, but afterwards am aware of it": Religious Music and the Elizabethan Church'


2: ‘Performing Virtue and Vice’

Chair: David Hartwig (English, Warwick University)

-Rebecca Hayes (English, Warwick University): ‘Women and Seventeenth Century English Pornography’

-Jennie Jordan (History and Heritage, Nottingham Trent University): 'The Virtue of Vice: Cross-Dressing and Concepts of Manhood in Seventeenth-Century England'

 -Tracy Thong (English, Loughborough University): 'Epicurean Fantasies of Tobacco in The Roaring Girl'


17.00 - 17.30: Coffee


17.30 – 18.30:  Keynote 2-
Professor Bernard Capp (History, Warwick University): 'Puritans and Profanity: London and Middlesex in the "Puritan Revolution"'  [Chair: Michelle DiMeo (English, Warwick University)]


18.30 – 19.00: Wine and Discussion


20.00: Conference Dinner at La Cucina Ristorante in Kenilworth