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Bookings handled via Azorus.

Wednesday 24th April 2019

Rooms booked:

  • Writers' Room - 11-5:30
  • G03 - 11-5
  • A0.28 - 12-5 (capacity 32)
  • Millburn House Foyer - 11-5 - via Anita Golman
  • F25a - 2-4 - use for Sarah Moss’s parents talk


  • Amy Hodkin - Unitemps compliant
  • Michael Morgan - Unitemps compliant
  • Himanshi Bajaj – Unitemps compliant


11.30 WWP team gathers in Writers’ Centre for briefing.

  • Check chairs / tables in G.03, Writers’ Room, and A0.28.

12.15 Millburn Foyer – Avengers assemble

12.30 Candidates and parents arrive in foyer of Millburn House.
Staff and student ambassadors circulate and talk to candidates / parents. Refreshments.

Biscuits, tea and coffee for 40 to be delivered for 12.15pm to Millburn House foyer: Confirmation here

12.50 Welcoming remarks by Director of ELCW Admissions Will Eaves.

13.00 Writers’ Room Plenary Session

  • Will Eaves talks about the ethos and history of the combined ELCW degree in the WWP at Warwick
  • Sarah Moss talks about the WWP as part of the School of Creative Arts and the shape of the “new” degree
  • Will Eaves and Lucy Brydon on creative writing modules: Modes, CCW and PWP
  • Jonathan Skinner on poetry at Warwick and performing / publishing
  • Gonzalo García gives a brief introduction to gaming, playing and narrative
  • Chantal Wright on translation studies and creative writing at Warwick
  • Imperishable first-hand testimony – from Michael Morgan (2nd Year ELCW), Amy Hodkin (3rd Year ELCW), and Himanshi Bajaj (3rd Year ELCW)
  • If we have time: Will and Sarah on careers in the arts – and your art, whatever the career
  • Session round-up, what happens next, etc.

(NB: Q&A will take place at 3.00 over tea/coffee – again in the Writers’ Room.)

13.55 Offer-holders to be divided into 3 groups, equal numbers in each.

  • Workshops for offer holders only in Writers’ Room, A0.28 and G03

14.00 – 15.00 Workshops

  • Jonathan Skinner, Writers’ Room – POETRY
  • Lucy Brydon – SCREENWRITING
  • Gonzalo Garcia, A0.28 – FICTION, NARRATIVE, GAMING

14.00 – 14.45 Parallel session / Q&A in F25a with Sarah Moss and parents

Biscuits, tea and coffee for 40 to be delivered for 2.45pm to the Writers’ Room: Confirmation here

15.00 – 15.45 Q&A Writers’ Room for All Offer-Holders, Student Ambassadors, and Staff

15.45 Ends

Staff and students in attendance

Sarah Moss – novelist, Director of the Warwick Writing Programme
Will Eaves – novelist, poet, Director of ELCW Admissions
Gonzalo Garcia – novelist, gamer, Teaching Fellow
Lucy Brydon – novelist, screenwriter
Tim Leach – novelist, climber, Assistant Prof.
Chantal Wright – translator, Associate Prof (Reader)
Jonathan Skinner – poet, publisher, Associate Prof (Reader)
Student Ambassadors – Amy Hodkin, Michael Morgan, Himanshi Bajaj