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  • C. Whitehead, D. Renevey and A. Mouron (eds), The Doctrine of the Hert: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary, Exeter Medieval Texts and Studies (Univ. of Exeter Press/ University of Chicago Press, 2010). 234 pages.
  • D. Renevey and C. Whitehead (eds.), A Companion to The Doctrine of the Hert: The Middle English Translation and its Latin and European Contexts (Univ. of Exeter Press, 2010). 294 pages.

The first substantial study of the Middle English Doctrine in its Latin and European vernacular contexts. Contributors: Nigel Palmer (Univ. of Oxford), Vincent Gillespie (Univ. of Oxford), Annie Sutherland (Univ. of Oxford), Anne Mouron (Univ. of Oxford), Anthony Lappin (Univ. of Manchester), Marleen Cré (Univ. of Antwerp), Karl-Heinz Steinmetz (Univ. of Vienna), Catherine Innes-Parker (Univ. of Prince Edward Island, Canada), Christiania Whitehead (Univ. of Warwick).

  • D. Renevey and C. Whitehead (eds), The Medieval Translator. Traduire au Moyan Age, volume 12 (Brepols, Turnhout, 2010). 382 pages.

The selected proceedings of The Ninth International Cardiff Conference on the Theory and Practice of Translation in the Middle Ages (Lausanne, Switzerland, July 2007).

  • C. Whitehead, Castles of the Mind: A Study of Medieval Architectural Allegory (Cardiff: Univ. of Wales Press, 2003). Monograph. 324 pages.

A study of the evolution of the architectural metaphor from late antiquity until the end of the Middle Ages, in Latin, Old French, and Middle English.

  • D. Renevey and C. Whitehead (eds), Writing Religious Women. Female Spiritual and Textual Practices in Late Medieval England (Univ. of Wales Press, Cardiff and Univ. of Toronto Press, Toronto, 2000). 270 pages.

This co-edited volume of essays focuses upon a variety of late medieval religious texts in which women play a significant role, either as author, recipient or subject.

  • C. Whitehead, The Garden of Slender Trust (Bloodaxe, 1999).

Collection of original poetry. 63 pages. Shortlisted for the Forward Prize for the Best First Collection of Poetry.

Selected Recent Articles

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