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Recent research related activity

May, 2011. " 'His Majesty the Ego': from Freud to Laplanche and back", The Windolz Memorial Lecture, Center for Psychoanalysis, San Fancisco, USA.

Lecture-Seminars: “Laplanche on Sex, Gender and the Sexual”; “Trauma, Fantasy and Screen Memory: permutations of a conceptual model in Freud’s thought”. Center for Psychoanalysis, San Francisco, USA.

December, 2004. “The Semiotic and the Other: a response to Julia Kristeva”.

Respondent’s paper to “Thinking about Liberty in Dark Times”, the Holberg Prize Laureate Lecture and Seminar, given by Professor Julia Kristeva (University of Paris), on the occasion of her acceptance of the Holberg Prize, University of Bergen, Norway.