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Postgraduate supervision

Completed PhD supervisions

Jane Askew (2001) Beyond the Phallus: Towards an Inter-Relational Theory of Dance Education - Jacques Lacan, Luce Irigaray, Susanne Langer (British Academy)

Nida Home Doherty (2002) 'Authenticity' in Education (WPRS) co-supervised with Hilary Minns

Jane Taylor (2002) 'The country at my shoulder': Gender and Belonging in Three Contemporary Women Poets: Jackie Kay, Medbh McGuckian and Michèle Roberts

Sophie Blanch (2005) Around 1929: The International Psychoanalytic Congress, Modernism and the Flight from Femininity (AHRB)

Kelli D. McCartey (2005) Romantic Women's Poetry, Sensibility, Community and Diversity (Mellon Scholarship)

Fenella Coles (2005) Frightful Pleasures: Representations of Lesbian Monsters in Early American Horror (WPRS) co-supervised with Richard Dyer

Lisa Regan (2006) 'Men who are men and women who are women': Fascism, Psychology and Feminist Resistance in the Work of Winifred Holtby (AHRB)

Iris Kleinecke-Bates (2007) Victorian Realities: Representations of the Victorian Era on 1990s British Television (AHRB) co-supervised with Charlotte Brunsden

Elizabeth Ludlow (2009) 'We can but spell a surface history': Christina Rossetti's Biblical Typology (AHRC)

Sherah Wells (2009) 'Another world, its walls are thin': Psychosis, Maternity and Catholicism in the Work of Antonia White and Emily Holmes Colman

Mary Mullen (2011) Anachronistic Forms: Narrative and History in Nineteenth-Century English and Irish Novels (University of Wisconsin-Madison doctoral exchange scholar at Warwick 2008-9)

Arina Cirstea (2011) Urban Imaginaries: Mapping Space and Self in the Fiction of Doris Lessing, Michèle Roberts and Sara Maitland (WPRS)

Miho Wako (2012) Figured in Lively Paint: Eastern Decorative Art, English Aestheticism, and Consumer Culture, 1862-1900 (Japanese Government Scholarship) co-supervised with Michael Hatt

Yvonne Reddick (2013) The Genius of the Stream: Ted Hughes and Fluvial Influence, co-supervised with David Morley

Gabrielle Mearns (2013) 'Appropriate Fields of Action': The Female Philanthropist and the Parochial Sphere in Nineteenth Century Literary Culture (AHRC)

Laura Wood (2016) 'Works of taste and fancy': The Woman and Child Reader in Nineteenth Century Literature (Chancellor's)

Emilie Taylor-Brown (2016) Misasmas, Mosquitos and Microscopes: Parasitology and the British Literary Imagination, 1885-1935 (Wolfson)

Mary Addyman (2016) 'All bundled together in endless confusion': Fiction at the Limits of Collecting, 1851-1904 (AHRC) co-supervised with Gill Frith

Christopher Yiannitsaros (2016) Deadly Domesticity: Agatha Christie's Middlebrow Gothic, 1930-1970 (AHRC)

Lisa Robertson (2017) New and Novel Homes: Women Writing London's Housing, 1880-1914 (Chancellor's International)

Current PhD student

Heather Wardlaw Home Care in the mid-19th century English novel

My students have proceeded to the British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Sussex tenure), the Leverhulme Post-Doctoral Fellowship (University of Birmingham tenure), Postdoctoral Research Fellowships at the Universities of Nottingham, British Columbia, Central Lancashire and on The Diseases of Modern Life Project at Oxford University and to Lectureships at the Universities of Birmingham, Liverpool, Surrey, Coventry, Hull, Gloucestershire, Tennessee-Knoxville, Manchester Metropolitan University, Anglia Ruskin University, De Montfort University, Texas Tech University, Villanova, Chuo University, Cape Breton University and University of North Brunswick. Other destinations are a senior advisory role in secondary education, entry into a career in primary education, management consultancy, law, authorship of children's fiction, a curatorial career in the National Trust and resumed careers in the NGO sector and the Canadian art world.

Since their inception in 2008, 5 of my supervisees have won Warwick's Institute of Advanced Study Postdoctoral Fellowship and 7 have won Warwick's HRC conference competition.