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Office Hours

Easter and Summer Term 2020 -- COVID-19 adjustments

My office hours this term will be via TEAMS, between 2-3 on Mondays and Thursdays. Please sign up online (or using the 'Bookings' tab above) for an appointment. I will contact you via TEAMS chat to make sure we are connected.

You can access or download the TEAMS app via your Warwick email page. Please note that the University mandates TEAMS as our v-meeting provider because it is secure, so we cannot any longer use Skype. If you do not have a good internet connection you may wish to talk by phone, in which case please send me your telephone number ahead of the meeting via email. 

Please do feel free to email and arrange a time to see me in my office hours, or outside them if they are difficult for you.

My standard office hour is Thursday 11 to 12.

Sometimes commitments on University committees or on training courses mean that I am unable to make my regular office hours. If this is the case, I make every effort to email my personal tutees and those in my seminars groups (I have forgotten only once but I am human) to let them know when the new time is. I will also post it here, with as much warning as I can manage.

By appointment (please email)

The exams and revision of summer term mean that my usual office hours are subject to change. I've put below a list of days on which I will definitely be at the University so if you would like to see me please email for an appointment. On these days I will almost always be in my office if you wish to drop in on spec. but emailing first is the best way to ensure you find me! I will be in on some (many) other days too but I can't predict what they will be yet! I'll update this page as soon as I know.

During other normal working hours, I can always make myself available to Skype if you need me, so email. My skype address is