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Christian Smith

I was a teaching fellow in the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies at the University of Warwick.

Please see HERE for my current details.

My doctoral research investigated the formative influence of William Shakespeare on the development of the work of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud. I explored the formation of the roots of critical theory. My supervisors were Jonathan Bate and Thomas Docherty.

Currently, I am continuing to research the influence of Shakespeare on Marx, Freud and Critical Theory and will be writing my findings in three books:

The Influence of William Shakespeare on Karl Marx; The Shakespearean Roots of Marxism

The Influence of William Shakespeare on Sigmund Freud; The Shakespearean Roots of Psychoanalysis

The Shakespearean Roots of Frankfurt School Critical Theory.

I also work critically on Bertolt Brecht, Heinrich Heine and on Dorothea Tieck's translations of Shakespeare. One of my projects looks at the World Literary nexus in Ludwig and Dorothea Tieck's translations of Shakespeare and Cervantes. I am also exploring the use of digital technology in pedagogy.

Thank you for visiting my page. Please use the links under the 'Show all' button to view details about my research, my teaching, my cv, and my podcasts.


Dr Christian Smith