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Dr Rita Dashwood, Women in Residence: Forms of Belonging in Jane Austen; Supervisors Tina Lupton and David Taylor

Dr Maria Cohut, Before and Beyond the Glass: Women "Mirrored" in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Literature and Visual Art; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Robert W. Daniel, The Manuscript Poetry of Thomas St Nicholas and the Writing of ‘Scripturalism’ in Seventeenth-Century England; Supervisors: Elizabeth Clarke and Peter Mack.

Dr Ronan Hatfull, The Other RSC: The History and Legacy of the Reduced Shakespeare Company; Supervisor: Paul Prescott

Dr Andrew Stones, Signs, Lines, Machines: Deleuze, World Literature and the Writing of the Non-Human; Supervisor: Michael Gardiner


Dr Matthew Rumbold, Epic Relation: The Sacred, History, and Late Modernist Aesthetics in Hart Crane, David Jones, and Derek Walcott; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr George Ttoouli, Twentieth Century US Serial Poetic Form and Ecopoetics; Supervisors: Nick Lawrence and David Morley

Dr Heba Elmasry, A Comparative Study of Arthur John Arberry and Desmond O'Grady's Translations of the Seven Mu'allaqat; Supervisor: Cathia Jenainati

Dr Birgit Breidenbach, The Role of Mood in the Literature of Modernity; Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Catherine Charlwood, Models of memory: cognition and cultural memory in the versification of Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost; Supervisor: Liz Barry


Dr Chris Maughan, Environmental literature and activism; Supervisor: Graeme Macdonald

Dr Laura Wood, Reaffirming the figure of the reader in nineteenth-century literature; Supervisor: Emma Francis

Dr Jack McGowan, Slam the Book: The role of performance in contemporary UK poetry; Supervisor Emma Mason


Dr Vladimir Brljak, Allegory and modernity in English literature: c1575-1675; Supervisors: Catherine Bates and Christina Britzolakis

Dr Nicholas Collins, Forming the Nation: Early Modern England and Modern Ireland; Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Ben Fowler, Negotiating Text and Performance in the work of Katie Mitchell and Thomas Ostermeier; Supervisor: Tony Howard

Dr Alice Leonard, Shakespeare Beyond Rhetoric: Error in Early Modern Drama, with Reference to Shakespeare; Supervisors: Thomas Docherty and Paul Prescott

Dr Emma Poltrack, The history and production practices of the Propeller Theatre Company; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Dr Joanna Rzepa, Literary and Theological Modernisms: Rainer Maria Rilke, T. S. Eliot, and Jozef Wittlin; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Andrea Selleri, The author as a critical category: 1850-1900; Supervisor: Dan Katz

Dr Michael Yat-him Tsang, At Interregnum: Hong Kong and its English Writing; Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Dr Rhys Williams, The representation of possibility: utopianism, realism and pollution in contemporary science fiction; Supervisor: Graeme MacDonald


Dr Cassandra Adjei Duality, gene and the modern mulatto response and representation in contemporary British fiction; Supervisor: John Gilmore

Dr Intira Bumrungsalee, Translating Culture in Films: Subtitling in Thailand; Supervisors: John Gilmore and Stephen Gundle

Dr James Christie, Fredric Jameson and the art of modernism

Dr Nesrin Degirmencioglu, New York and Istanbul: transforming cities of modernisation; Supervisors: Maureen Freely and Nick Lawrence

Gohar Karim Khan, Narrating Pakistan Transnationally - Identity, Politics and Terrorism in Anglophone Pakistani Literature after 9/11; Supervisor: Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Madolyn Nichols, Women Who Leave: Irish Literature and Anti-Emigration Propaganda; Supervisors: Elizabeth Barry and Maria Luddy

Dr Iman Sheeha, Servants and domestic tragedy; Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Dr Nanthanoot Udomlamun, Materiality and Memory in Contemporary Diasporic and Postcolonial Literature

Dr Máté Vince, From ‘Aequivocatio’ to the ‘Jesuitical Equivocation’: The Changing Concepts of Ambiguity in Early Modern England; Supervisor: Peter Mack


Dr Sophie Rudland, Hartley, Blake and Wollstonecraft, Re-considering Emotion, Religion and the Body; Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Nazry Bahrawi, Postsecular intimations in the fiction of Graham Greene and Naguib Mahfouz; Supervisor: Susan Bassnett

Dr Christian Smith, Shakespeare's Influence on Marx, Freud and the Frankfurt School Critical Theorists; Supervisors Jon Bate and Thomas Docherty


Dr Peter Kirwan, Shakespeare and the Idea of Apocrypha; Supervisor: Jon Bate

Dr Francesca Scott, The Fuzzy Theory and Women Writers in the Late Eighteenth Century