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Dr Marianne Hillion, Between the Epic and the Ordinary: Locating the Politics of Contemporary Indian Urban Writing in English (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata), Supervisor: Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Tina Janssen, The Contemporary Reception of Sir William Jones’s Translations of Oriental Literature, Supervisor: John Gilmore

Dr Aiman Aslam, The Bio-Political Empire; Sovereignty, Race and War in Afghan, Iraqi and Pakistani Literatures, Supervisors: Neil Lazarus and Upamanyu Pablo Mukerjee

Dr Jaewon Yoon, Contradictions and Asymmetry Revealed in Financial Capitalism and Crisis: Reading the 21st century crisis literature based on Karl Marx’s Capital, Supervisors: Stephen Shapiro and Mark Storey


Dr Natasha Bondre, Reading 'Emperer Oil' In The Expanded Caribbean: Petroleum, Ecology and Caribbean literature in the Twentieth Century, Supervisors: Paulo de Medeiros and Michael Niblett

Dr Nadeen Dakkak, An Immense Cargo of Wanderers Seeking their Own Destruction Migration to the Arab Gulf States in Arabic Fiction, Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Dr Christine Emmett, Inequality, Moralism and Legitimacy in South African Literature Re-reading apartheid from Millin to Wicomb, Supervisor: Neil Lazarus

Dr Fiona Farnsworth, Contemporary Literary Foodways Between Sub-Saharan Africa and the USA, Supervisor: Neil Lazarus

Dr Demet Intepe, Environmental Justice and Writers as Activists in Multi-Ethnic North American Literatures, Film, and Theater, Supervisors: Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee and Neil Lazarus

Dr Thirayut Sangangamsakun, Trans-Victorian: Rewriting Victorian Fiction in Thailand, Supervisor: Ross Forman

Dr Jungju Shin, (Re)Turn of the Abject: Representation of Asian (American) Masculinity in the West, Supervisor: Ross Forman

Dr Ian Tan Xing Long, Poetry as appropriative proximity: Wallace Stevens, Martin Heidegger and the language of Being, Supervisor: Daniel Katz

Dr William Wolfgang, Grassroots Shakespeare: Amateur and Community-Based Shakespeare Performance in the United States of America, Supervisor: Paul Prescott


Dr Siyu Cao, Performing Post-Britishness: A Quest for Independence in the Contemporary Literature of England, Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Dr Giulia Champion, The Empire Bites Back: Literary Cannibalism in the Extractiono(s)cene, Supervisors: Neil Lazarus and Fabienne Manicom

Dr Roxanne Douglas, Stories of Paradox and Exposure: Second Wave Arab Feminist Writing, Supervisor: Cathia Jenainati

Dr Andrew Fletcher, Shakespeare and the Fiction of Theatre, Supervisor: Stephen Purcell

Dr Angus Love, Alain Badiou's Twisted Contemporaneity: Inaesthetics and the Contemporary, Supervisor: Stephen Purcell and Thomas Docherty

Dr Emil Rybczak, A Bibliographical Enquiry into Thomas Johnson’s A Collection of the Best English Plays, Supervisor: Teresa Grant

Dr Sophie Shorland, 'Blazing Stars': Early Modern Celebrity Culture, 1580-1626, Supervisor: Stephen Purcell

Dr Freya Verlander, (Skin) Aesthetics: A Study of Skin(s) in Spectatorship, Supervisor: Liz Barry

Dr James Wills, Fictions of Justice: Literary Lawyers in the American South, 1946-1966, Supervisor: Mark Storey

Dr Dee Wu, The Reciprocal Gaze at the "Exotic" Other: Oscar Wilde and China's Modernisation, Supervisor: Ross Forman


Dr Thomasin Bailey, Authority and Influence in Lady Mary Wroth's Pamphilia to Amphilanthus, Supervisor: Paul Botley

Dr Roxanne Bibizadeh, Freedom and Unfreedom in the Literature of the Iranian and Arab Diaspora, Supervisors: Rashmi Varma and Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Louise Campion, Christ in the Kitchen, Christ in the Chamber: The Language and Imagery of Domestic Space in Late Medieval Religious Literature, Supervisor: Christiania Whitehead

Dr Karen Borg Cardona, The Failed Quest in Contemporary World Literature, Supervisor: Paulo de Medeiros

Dr Jenny Wing Haang Mak, Kinaesthetic Bodies in Contemporary Literature, Supervisors: Rashmi Varma and Thomas Docherty

Dr Katja Laug, Mementoes of the Broken Body: Cormac McCarthy's Aesthetic Politics, Supervisors: Nicholas Monk and Thomas Docherty

Dr Divya Rao, New Alphabet in Sight: Representation and the Reframing of Dalit Identity, Supervisors: Rashmi Varma and Neil Lazarus

Dr Madeleine Scherer, A Global Schema: The Graeco-Roman Underworld in Ireland and the Caribbean, Supervisors: John Gilmore and Liz Barry


Dr Maria Cohut, Before and Beyond the Glass: Women and Their Mirrors in the Literature and Art of Nineteenth-Century Britain, Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Robert W. Daniel, The Manuscript Poetry of Thomas St Nicholas, Supervisors: Elizabeth Clarke and Peter Mack.

Dr Rita Dashwood, Women in Residence: Forms of Belonging in Jane Austen, Supervisors: Tina Lupton and David Taylor

Dr Ronan Hatfull, 'The Other RSC': The History and Legacy of the Reduced Shakespeare Company, Supervisor: Paul Prescott

Dr Julie Hudson, The Environment on Stage: Scenery or Shapeshifter?, Supervisor: Stephen Purcell and Carol Rutter

Dr Gurpreet Kaur, Beyond the Binary: Postcolonial Ecofeminism in Indian Women's Writing in English, Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Dr Qiao Qingquan, China in Britain in the Interwar Period: Bertrand Russell, W. H. Auden, Christopher Isherwood and Shih-I Hsiung, Supervisor: Ross Forman

Dr Robert Starr, 'Nailed to the rolls of honour, crucified': Irish Literary Responses to the Great War, Supervisor: Liz Barry

Dr Robert Stock, Do you hear what I hear? Inferring Voice in Celebrity Translation in the Theatre, Supervisor: Chantal Wright

Dr Andrew Stones, Lines of Flight: Gilles Deleuze and the Becoming of World Literature, Supervisor: Michael Gardiner

Dr Sita Thomas, 'In Search of a New National Story': Issues of Cultural Diversity in the Casting and Performance of Shakespeare in Britain 2012-2016, Supervisor: Tony Howard

Dr Milly Weaver, Reading Seeing: Visuality in the Contemporary Novel, Supervisor: Tina Lupton


Dr Sourit Bhattacharya, The Crisis of Modernity: Realism and the Postcolonial Indian Novel, Supervisors: Neil Lazarus and Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Birgit Breidenbach, Stimmung and Modernity: The Aesthetic Philosophy of Mood in Dostoevsky, Beckett and Bernhard, Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Catherine Charlwood, Models of Memory: Cognition and Cultural Memory in the Poetry of Thomas Hardy and Robert Frost, Supervisor: Liz Barry

Dr Chi-fang Chen, A Study of Political Humour in British Literature in the 1790s, Supervisor: Tina Lupton

Dr Heba Elmasry, A Comparative Study of Arthur John Arberry's and Desmond O'Grady's Translations of the Seven Mu'allaqat, Supervisor: Cathia Jenainati

Dr Monica Martin-Castaño, Translating Disney songs from The Little Mermaid (1989) to Tarzan (1999): An Analysis of Translation Strategies Used to Dub and Subtitle Songs into Spanish, Supervisor: John Gilmore

Dr Claudio Murgia, [Beyond] Posthuman Violence: Epic Rewritings of Ethics in the Contemporary Novel, Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Matthew Rumbold, Epic Relation: The Sacred, History, and Late Modernist Aesthetics in Hart Crane, David Jones, and Derek Walcott, Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr George Ttoouli, Twentieth Century North American Serial Poetic Form & Ecological Thinking, Supervisors: Nick Lawrence and David Morley


Dr Dominic Dean, The Child and Authority in Contemporary Literature and Critical Culture, Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Chris Maughan, Activism Ltd - Environmental Activism and Comtemporary Literature, Supervisor: Graeme Macdonald

Dr Jack McGowan, Slam the Book: The Role of Performance in Contemporary UK Poetics, Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Emanuelle Santos, Late Postcoloniality: State, Violence and Wealth in the Literatures of Early 21st Century Portuguese-speaking Africa, Supervisor: Paulo de Medeiros

Dr Laura Wood, Works of Taste and Fancy: The Woman and the Child Reader in Nineteenth Century Literature, Supervisor: Emma Francis


Dr Vladimir Brljak, Allegory and Modernity in English Literature c.1575 - 1675, Supervisors: Catherine Bates and Christina Britzolakis

Dr Nicholas Collins, Forming the Nation: Early Modern England and Modern Ireland, Supervisor: Thomas Docherty

Dr Ben Fowler, (Re)Directing the Text: Politics & Perception in the Work of Katie Mitchell & Thomas Ostermeier, Supervisor: Tony Howard

Dr Alice Leonard, Error in Shakespeare: Shakespeare in Error, Supervisors: Thomas Docherty and Paul Prescott

Dr Emma Poltrack, The History and Working Practices of the Propeller Theatre Company, Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Dr Joanna Rzepa, Literary and Theological Modernisms: Rainer Maria Rilke, T.S. Eliot, and Józef Wittlin, Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Andrea Selleri, The Author as a Critical Category, 1850-1900, Supervisor: Dan Katz

Dr Michael Yat-him Tsang, At Interregnum: Hong Kong and its English Writing, Supervisor: Rashmi Varma

Dr Rhys Williams, Architects of Impurity: A Study of the Political Imagination in Contemporary Fantastic Fiction, Supervisor: Graeme MacDonald


Dr Cassandra Adjei, Duality, Genre and the "Modern Mulatto": Response and Representation in Contemporary British Fiction, Supervisor: John Gilmore

Dr Intira Bumrungsalee, Translating Culture in Films: Subtitling in Thailand, Supervisors: John Gilmore and Stephen Gundle

Dr James Christie, Fredric Jameson and the Art of Modernism, Supervisors: Thomas Docherty and Neil Lazarus

Dr Nesrin Degirmencioglu, Uneven Cities: The Dialectic of Urban Modernity and Literary Form in Dos Passos, Tanpinar, Auster and Pamuk, Supervisors: Maureen Freely and Nick Lawrence

Gohar Karim Khan, Narrating Pakistan Transnationally: Identity, Politics and Terrorism in Anglophone Pakistani Literature after "9/11", Supervisor: Upamanyu Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Madolyn Nichols, Women Who Leave: Irish Literature and Anti-Emigration Propaganda, Supervisors: Elizabeth Barry and Maria Luddy

Dr Iman Sheeha, Staging the Servant: An Examination of the Roles of Household Servants in Early Modern Domestic Tragedy, Supervisor: Carol Rutter

Dr Nanthanoot Udomlamun, Materiality and Memory in Contemporary Diasporic and Postcolonial Fiction, Supervisor: Neil Lazarus

Dr Máté Vince, From 'Aequivocatio' to the 'Jesuitical Equivocation': The Changing Concepts of Ambiguity in Early Modern England, Supervisor: Peter Mack


Dr Nazry Bahrawi, Postsecular intimations in the fiction of Graham Greene and Naguib Mahfouz, Supervisor: Susan Bassnett

Dr Sophie Rudland, Faith, Feeling and Gender in the Writing of Hartley, Wollstonecraft and Blake, Supervisor: Emma Mason

Dr Christian Smith, Shakespeare's Influence on Marxism, Psychoanalysis and Critical Theory, Supervisors: Jon Bate and Thomas Docherty


Dr Peter Kirwan, Shakespeare and the Idea of Apocrypha, Supervisor: Jon Bate

Dr Francesca Scott, The Contradictory Nature of Women Writers in the Late Eighteenth Century, Supervisor: Jackie Labbe


Dr Charlotte Mathieson, Bodies in Transit: Mobility, Embodiment and Space in the mid-Victorian Novel, Supervisors: Dr Gill Frith and Dr Pablo Mukherjee

Dr Andrew Webb