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Anna Rivers

Anna Rivers


Office Hour 2023/2024: Friday 2-3pm, FAB5.31

Doctoral Thesis: Reality, Relationality, Spectrality: The Mystic Poetry of Emily Brontë, Christina Rossetti and Mathilde Blind

Research Interests

Victorian poetry, women's writing, Philosophy and Literature, Science and Literature, mycology and germ theory, mysticism, the literary supernatural, poetry and poetics, posthumanism


2023/2024: Romantic and Victorian Poetry (Module Convenor, Lecturer, Seminar Tutor)

2020/2021: Modern World Literature (Seminar Tutor)


"‘Life whetted upon life’: Mathilde Blind, The Ascent of Man and the Geological Record" (peer-reviewed article) in Victorian Poetry. Accepted for Winter 2024 issue

“Circe’s Garden: Rewriting Epic and Revolutionary Time” (peer-reviewed article) in Comparative Critical Studies 19.1, March 2022, pp. 7-26

“Neo-Victorianism and space/time hybridity in Angela Carter’s Nights at the Circus” (book chapter) in Neo-Victorian Provocations: Nostalgia, Empire, Transmediality (Routledge, 2024)

““No glimpse of a further shore”: Emily Brontë’s Spectral Poetics” (book chapter) in The Uncanny and the Afterlife of the Gothic (LCIR), October 2021, pp. 27-46

Dr Anna Rivers is an IAS Fellow based in the English and Comparative Literary Studies department at Warwick University. Her current research explores intersections of scientific and mystical thought in nineteenth-century poetry, with a focus on electricity, mycology and posthumanism. She holds a MSt in English from Kellogg College, University of Oxford, where her dissertation focused on twentieth-century women's writing, monster theory and magic realism. Her PhD research at Warwick was supported by a CADRE scholarship.