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Speakers, Chairs and Conference Staff

Key-note Speaker

Dr. Andrew Taylor, University of Cambridge


  • Desiree Arbo (University of Warwick), Latin Epic and Platonism in the Jesuit Province of Paraguay
  • Prof. Giuliana Di Biase (Università G. d'Annunzio Chieti-Pescara Italy), Cicero’s Latin in Locke’s works. A case of misusing
  • William Barton (King’s College, London), Latin and the Vernacular in Early Modern Verona: Two Accounts of Trips to Monte Baldo
  • Giacomo Comiati (University of Warwick), Presence and use of Horatian Carmina in Sixteenth-century Venice
  • Rocco Di Dio (University of Warwick), Reading, Excerpting and Reusing Latin and Classical Texts: Marsilio Ficino and His Notebooks
  • Dr. John T. Gilmore (University of Warwick), Approaches to modern Latin poetry: Translating the Abbé Massieu’s Caffaeum, Carmen
  • Linda Grant (Birkbeck College), Imitatio, intertextuality and reception: re-writing classical Latin love elegy in sixteenth-century England
  • Sofia Guthrie (University of Warwick), A Protestant Palinurus: Virgilian sacrifice in Antoine Garissoles’ Adolphid
  • Prof. Andrew Laird (University of Warwick), Latin and education of the native nobility in post-conquest Mexico
  • Francesco Lucioli (University of Cambridge), The Advice of a Master: A Reading of Prospero Acrimato’s Pareneticum Carmen In Catonis Praecepta De Moribus
  • David Andrew Porter (University of Cambridge), The Prosody and Style of neo-Latin Satire in the 16th century
  • Andrzej Probulski (Jagiellonian University, Cracow), A Council Divided: prudentia and anceps consilium in S. H. Lubomirski’s De vanitate consiliorum
  • Caroline Spearing (King’s College, London) Latin in Books 1–2 of Abraham Cowley’s Libri Plantarum Sex (1663)
  • Prof. Hugh Roberts (University of Exeter) Despauterius, Bruscambille, and the Comedy of Latin Grammar (with Dr. Annette Tomarken)
  • Aaron Shapiro (Boston University), Neo-Latin Imitation As Emendation: William Gager’s Supplements to Seneca’s Hippolytus
  • Dr. Annette Tomarken (Miami University of Ohio), Despauterius, Bruscambille, and the Comedy of Latin Grammar (with Prof. Hugh Roberts)
  • Dr. Paul White (University of Manchester), Teaching Latin in the Grammar Class on the cusp of the French Renaissance


Dr. Paul Botley

Dr. Teresa Grant

Dr. Ingrid de Smet

Dr. David Lines

Maya Feile Tomes

Dr. Anthony Ossa-Richardson

Dr. Máté Vince


Dr. Anthony Ossa-Richardson, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr. Máté Vince, University of Warwick


Joanna Rzepa

Dr. Andrea Selleri

Michael Tsang