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Bring a Tent (and a camera): Videos from Occupy Wall Street

Shortly after the tenth anniversary of 911, social inequality activists "occupied" a NYC concrete park near Wall Street and the former Twin Towers.

What were the motivations for Occupy Wall Street?

Some answers come from the videos documenting OWS voices & distributed through Youtube.

Running Order (approx. 2:20)

1. YES WE CAN by

2. We Are The Ones Song by

3. I am not moving

4. Summer of Change - Occupy Wall Street

5. Kevin Martin “TV News” Occupy Wall Street

6. Cornel West on Occupy Wall Street It’s the Makings of a U S Autumn Responding to the Arab Spring

Cornell West at OWS

7. The Demand Is a Process

8. Consensus (Direct Democracy @ Occupy Wall Street)

9. Occupy Wall Street- The General Assembly

10. OWS: Fragmented Mic Check

11. Allow us to introduce ourselves

12. Occupy Together


14. We Are the 99% (as we gather together)

15. Naomi Klein Interview at Occupy Wall St. Grounded TV Network, video 7

16. Mike Myers visits Occupy Wall Street

17. Slavoj Zizek at OWS - Complete Edition with English Subtitles [1 2]

18. Slavoj Zizek at OWS - Complete Edition with English Subtitles [2 2]

19. Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution (Occupy Wall Street)

20. Where do we go from here

21. Voices from Zuccotti- Daniel Zetah, 35

22. Voices from Zuccotti- Danielle Digirolamo, 23

23. Voices from Zuccotti- Shane Stoops, 23

24. Voices from Zuccotti- David Everitt-Carlson, 55

25. Voices from Zuccotti- Dwayne Henry, 24

26. Voices from Zuccotti- Helena Ribeiro, 34

27. Voices from Zuccotti- Jordan McCarthy, 22

28. Voices from Zuccotti- Larry Left, 27

29. Voices from Zuccotti- Marsha Spencer, 56

30. Voices from Zuccotti- Steve Syrek, 33

31. Occupy the “Wall Street Part of Town”



a) We The People Have Found Our Voice (Occupy Wall Street)

b) Right Here All Over (Occupy Wall Street)

c) Occupy Wall Street. Ground Zero – Life at Zucotti Park

d) “So people keep asking – Why are we here?

e) Ry Cooder Wall Street Part of Town

f) 30. Voices of Zuccotti- Jonathan Smucker, 33 – YouTube

g) 27. Occupy Wall Street. Vmagazine

h) #occupywallstreet general assembly facilitation training (41 mins.)