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Monographs, Collections, and Critical Editions

The Productive Body (Zero P, 2014) [a co-translation with Philip Barnard of François Guéry and Didier Deleule’s 1972 Le corps productif].

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, abridged with Related Texts (edited with Philip Barnard. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2013).

The Wire: Race, Class, and Genre (edited with Liam Kennedy. Ann Arbor: Michigan UP, 2012).

How to Read Foucault's Discipline and Punish (with Anne Schwan. London: Pluto, 2011).
"illuminating" (Fredric Jameson)

Ormond: or The Secret Witness, with Related Texts, Charles Brockden Brown, (edited with Philip Barnard. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2009).
(15,000-word introduction, explanatory notes, literature and context bibliography, secondary reading excerpts with explanatory headnotes).

Wieland; or The Transformation, with Related Texts, Charles Brockden Brown, (edited with Philip Barnard. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2009).(same format as Ormond).

The Culture and Commerce of the Early American Novel: Reading the Atlantic World-System, (University Park: Penn State Press, 2008).
Honorable Mention, BAAS prize for best book in American Studies published during 2008. Paperback 2009.

How to Read Marx's Capital, (London: Pluto, 2008).

Arthur Mervyn: or, Memoirs of the Year 1793, with Related Texts, Charles Brockden Brown, (edited with Philip Barnard. Indianapolis: Hackett, 2008)
(same format as Ormond).

Material Gothic, guest edited issue of Gothic Studies 10:1 (May 2008).

Edgar Huntly; or, Memoirs of a Sleep-walker, with Related Texts, Charles Brockden Brown, (Indianapolis: Hackett, 2006).(edited with Philip Barnard. same format as Ormond).
second edition 2010.

Revising Charles Brockden Brown: Culture, Politics, and Sexuality in the Early American Republic, (edited with Philip Barnard and Mark Kamrath), (Knoxville: Tennessee, 2004).

The Political Pamphlets, Charles Brockden Brown, (edited with Wil Verhoeven), Vol. 4 The Charles Brockden Brown Electronic Archive and Scholarly Edition, MLA CSE complaint, UVA Electronic Text Center (ETC) and Kent State University Press (hard copy). (forthcoming, 2015).

Series Editor, 2008-13 (with Ed White): How to Read Theory (Pluto Press).

Articles and Review Essays

“Marxism and Cultural Materialism”, This Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (2013), 21: doi:10.1093/ywcct/mbt006

“Crackling Ice: The Shield and the Middle-class Crisis of Social Reproduction” in Interrogating The Shield, Nick Ray, ed. (Syracuse University Press, 2012), 186-206.

“Tales of the Neoliberal City: The Wire’s Boundary Lines”, 147-169, and “Introduction: All the Pieces Matter”, 1-11, (both with Liam Kennedy) in The Wire: Race, Class, and Genre (ed. with Liam Kennedy), (University of Michigan Press, 2012).

"Inscription | Enclosure | Insubordination: Graffiti and Publicness of Space in Italian Social Conflict"à-ad-oscurità.pdf

“Marxism and Cultural Materialism”, This Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (2012), 20: 82-98.

“The Motivation of Literary Theory: From National Culture to World Literature” in Teaching Theory, Richard Bradford, ed. (Palgrave, 2011), 78-94.

Wieland’s Political Romance and the History of Subjectivity” [reprint from The Culture and Commerce of the Early American Novel], Wieland and Memoirs of Carwin the Biloquist, Bryan Waterman, ed. (Norton Critical Edition, 2011), 548-573.

Review of Red Planets: Marxism and Science Fiction, eds. Mark Bould and China Mieville, Science Fiction Film and Television, 4:1 (2011), 117-121.

“Marxism and Cultural Materialism”, This Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (2011), 19: 29-45.

“Marxism and Cultural Materialism”, This Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory (2010) 18: 36-52.

“Intellectual Labor Power, Cultural Capital, and the Value of Prestige” SAQ (2009) 108:2, 249-64.

“Transvaal, Transylvania: Dracula’s World-system and Gothic Periodicity” Gothic Studies 10:1 (May 2008), 24-47.

“Gothic Politics: An Interview with China Miéville” Gothic Studies 10:1 (May 2008), 61-70.

“In a French Position: Radical Pornography and Homoerotic Society in Charles Brockden Brown’s Ormond or the Secret Witness (1798)”
Long Before Stonewall: Histories of Same-Sex Sexuality in Early America, Thomas Foster, ed. (New York: NYU, 2007), 357-83.

“Stock in Dead People”: Huckleberry Finn and the Value of Black Mortality”
Representations of Death and Mortality in Nineteenth-century US Writing and Culture, Lucy Frank, ed. (London: Ashgate, 2007), 61-75.

"World-Systeming American Studies"
Review of International American Studies, 1:1 (2006), 29-33.

1000 Key Moments: Books, Lucy Daniels, ed. (London: Cassel, 2007). Entries for Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath; Capote, In Cold Blood; Sinclair, The Jungle; Salinger, The Glass family fictions; Mailer, Armies of the Night, Wurtzel, Prozac Nation.

“The Technology Of Publicity In The Atlantic Semi-Peripheries: Benjamin Franklin, Modernity, and the Nigerian Slave Trade”
Beyond the Black Atlantic: Relocating Modernization and Technology, Walter Göbel and Saskia Schabio, eds. (London: Routledge, 2006), 115-134.

“Sources and Resources: Beyond Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies”
Third Text, 20:1 (2006), 1-7.

Review essay of Didier Eribon’s Insult and the Making of a Gay Self (Duke 2004) and Alan Sinfield’s On Sexuality and Power (Columbia 2004)
Textual Practice, 19:4 (2005), 529-535.

“Transatlantic Ventures: Popular Experiences”
Blackwell Companion to American Fiction, 1780-1865, Shirley Samuels, ed. (London: Blackwell, 2004), 124-130.

“ ‘Man to Man I Needed Not to Dread His Encounter’: Edgar Huntly’s End of Erotic Pessimism”
Revising Charles Brockden Brown: Culture, Politics, and Sexuality in the Early American Republic, Philip Barnard, Mark Kamrath, and Stephen Shapiro, eds. (Knoxville: Tennessee, 2004), 216-251.

“Globalization and Power: The Hidden Injuries of Consumerism”
Globalization with a Human Face, Jung Min Choi, John Murphy, and Manuel Caro, eds. (New York: Praeger, 2004), 47-64.

“Marx to the Rescue!: Queer Theory and the Crisis of Prestige”
New Formations 53 (2004), 77-90.

“Beyond Postmarxism: Capitalist Space and Left Institutionality”
Reflexive Representations: Politics, Hegemony, and Discourse in Global Capitalism, Johannes Angermueller, Dirk Wiemann, Raj Kollmorgen, and Joerg Meyer, eds. (Muenster: LIT, 2004), 21-34.

“Thinking of England: Slavery and Sexuality”
New Formations 52 (2004): 122-127.

“Sexuality: An Early American Mystery.” William and Mary Quarterly, 60.1 (2003), 189-92.

“Sentimental Economies: The World-System of Eighteenth Century Aesthetics and the Reflexive Body.” Ästhetische Erfindung der Modern?: Perspektiven und Modelle, 1750-1850, Britta Hermann and Barbara Thums, eds. (Würzburg: Verlag Köningshausen & Neumann, 2003), 231-50.

“Of Mollies: Class and Same-Sex Sexualities in the Eighteenth Century”
In a Queer Place: Sexuality and Belonging in British and European Contexts, Kate Chedgzoy, Emma Francis and Murray Pratt, eds. (London: Ashgate, 2002), 155-176.

Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Literary Criticism and Theory Since 1940, Julian Wolfreys, ed. (Edinburgh: Edinburgh, 2002), 137-143.

“Fictions of Circulation, Memories of Violence: New Historicism and Gramsci’s Prison Notebooks”
Gedächtnis und Zirkulation, Marcus Sandl, ed. (Gottingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2002), 237-260.

“ ‘I Could Kiss Him One Minute And Kill Him The Next!’: The Limits Of Radical Male Friendship in Holcroft, CB Brown, and Wollstonecraft Shelley”
Engendering Images of Man in the Long Eighteenth Century, Walter Göbel, Saskia Schabio, and Martin Windisch, eds. (Trier: Wissenschaftllicher Verlag, 2001), 111-132.

“No Logo: Globalization and the New Anti-capitalism”
PostModern Production, Martin Nonhoff, Katharina, Bunzmann, and Johannes Angermüller, eds. (Hamburg: LIT, 2001), 13-26.

“Reconfiguring American Studies?: The Paradoxes of Postnationalism”
49th Parallel (online journal, University of Birmingham, England)

“ ‘Whose Fucking Park? Our Fucking Park!’: Bohemian Brumaires (Paris 1848/the East Village 1988), Gentrification, and the Representation of AIDS”
Urban Space and Representation, Maria Balshaw and William Kennedy, eds. (London: Pluto, 2000), 146-161.

“Periodizing Postmodernism: Betamodernism and Geoculture”
Hybrid Spaces: Theory, Culture, Economy, Johannes Angermüller, Katharina, Bunzmann, and Christina Rauch, eds. (New York: Transaction/Hamburg: LIT, 2000), 13-24.

“The Moment of the Condom: De Saint-Méry and Early American Print Sexuality”
Pioneering North America, Klaus Martens, ed. (Würzburg: Königshausen & Neumann, 2000), 122-135.

“A Tennis Court Oath for Independent Scholars”
The Independent Scholar, 14:1 (2000), 44-48.

“Mass African Suicide and the Rise of Euro-American Sentimental: Stevenson and Equiano’s Tales of the Semi-Periphery”
Revolutions and Watersheds: Transatlantic Dialogues, 1775-1815
Wil Verhoeven and Beth Dolan Kurtz, eds. (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1999), 123-144.

“ ‘Social Historians Study the Vagaries of Women’s Fashions”: Gramsci, Drag, and the Wars of (Subject) Position”
Over Here: The European Journal of American Studies, 18:2 (1998), 18-35.

“Postmodernism in the 80s, Postmodernism Out of the 90s”
Over Here: The English Journal of American Studies, 11:1 (1991), 74 - 82.

Shorter Publications

“Charles Brockden Brown.” The Literary Encyclopedia. 12 Apr. 2006. The Literary Dictionary Company. 6 May 2006. <>

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“Charles Brockden Brown”
Encyclopedia of the Romantic-Era, 1760-1850, Christopher John Murray, ed. (London: Routledge: 2003), 126-128.

Review of Romancing the Shadow: Poe and Race (Oxford), J. Gerald Kennedy and Liliane Weissberg, eds” Notes & Queries 50.1 (2003): 141-42.

Review of City Sites: Multimedia Essays on New York and Chicago, 1870s-1930s (University of Birmingham Press) Eds. Maria Balshaw, Anna Notaro, Liam Kennedy and Douglas Tallack

Review of Terence Whalen’s Poe and the Masses (Princeton)
Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, January/April (2001), 140-142.

Review of Julie Ellison’s Cato's Tears and the Making of Anglo-American Emotion (Chicago)
European Journal of American Culture, 2:2 (2000), 113-114.

Review of Dana Nelson’s National Manhood
European Journal of American Culture, 1:1 (1999), 58-59.

“Exhibiting Whitman”
LGSN, 26:1 (1999), 10-11.