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Associated Costs

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  • Associated Costs

Associated Costs

As well as tuition fees and living expenses, there are likely to be some extra things you will pay for whilst studying for your degree. Some of these will be optional (e.g. a book you wish to buy), and some will be compulsory (e.g. a trip that is part of the course). Some of these costs may become apparent during the course of your degree. Wherever possible, the History Department is committed to minimising costs to students, but if you have further suggestions or concerns please speak with your SSLC Course Representative or the Director of Student Experience. You can find out more about funding issues through Student Finance, including how to ask for help if you find yourself in financial difficulties while at Warwick. While you should make sure that you plan adequately, please do not suffer in silence or assume that only you are having trouble with money; this is often part of the university learning curve, and the University may be able to provide advice and support that can help.



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