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Modules and CATS

As a PGT student, you will be required to complete 180 credits as part of your MA degree. The Dissertation module is worth 60 CATS with most modules being worth either 30 CATS each. Most UK universities refer to credits as CATS (Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme), and so a 30 credit module will often be referred to as a 30 CATS module.

MA optional modules run in the Spring term and must be formally chosen and registered for.

Your choices for the MA optional modules must be submitted by the online form below:

Module Nominations

This form must be submitted by the end of week 2 of the Autumn term and the results of the module allocation will be circulated to students by the end of week 4 of the Autumn term. Places are not allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, but instead, all students who submit their module nomination form by the relevant deadline are given due consideration. Students may resubmit the form with different nominations as often as they wish before the submission deadline; the last form submitted by each student will be used in the module allocation process. Those students who fail to submit a form by the deadline are required to wait until the module allocation process has been completed for those students who submit by the deadline, and then to make their choices from the reduced number of module places that still remain available.

Available MA Modules


Module Allocation and Registration Process

It is essential that all students correctly follow the module process. Students MUST submit a module nomination form. Failure to follow the process correctly will result in students being allocated to modules late and have a more limited choice of options. Students who register for modules via eVision without department permission will be removed. Full details of the module selection and allocation process can be found here:


Module Nomination

It is essential all students familiarise themselves with the MA Courses and the options available for each of the MA courses. This will inform you what modules you must take as core requirements of your degree, as well as how many optional modules you may choose.

Students MUST submit a module nomination form. Full details of the module selection and allocation process can be found here:

The list of option modules will change from year to year depending on a variety of factors including staff availability, and a list of available modules will be announced prior to the module nomination process opening. Students are advised to wait until the list of available modules is announced before deliberating over which modules to nominate as their preferred choices. Please note that the modules listed in that announcement are those that the department intends to run, based on the latest information regarding staff availability, but that teaching staff availability can change (e.g., retirements, parental leave, or ill health), which may require the withdrawal of modules at a later point. If that is the case, students will be notified accordingly.


You will be able to access your timetable through your Tabula profile. You will be able to see the day, time and location of your lectures and classes that you are required to attend.

Please note some of your classes (e.g. some seminars, tutorials and lab classes) may not be arranged through the University’s Central Timetabling Office. They are organised locally by the department concerned. This means that they will not appear in your personalised timetable. You will need to contact the department that is running the module in order to find out when these sessions are running or to sign up for a seminar group.

If you have any issues with your timetable, for example, if you think there is something missing or you have a clash, please contact



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