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‘My Hero’ Defining and Constructing Non-Military Heroism

‘My Hero’ Defining and Constructing Non-Military Heroism

24 - 25 June 2009

Department of History, King’s College London

Call for Papers

The broad objective of this symposium is to bring together leading postgraduate research students working on non-military heroism and provide an opportunity for them to present and discuss their research. Here, they will be able to examine and engage with how heroism has been historically conceived, constructed, defined and, most importantly, judged. This environment will allow students to position their own research within the wider theoretical field, develop their understanding of non-military heroism in a historical context and broaden their knowledge of research materials and analytical approaches.

This innovative and collaborative symposium will also bring together students with representatives from the leading contemporary organisations concerned with defining, assessing and recognising non-military heroism. These representatives will be invited to listen to the academic papers, give a presentation on the work of their organisation and, most importantly, participate in roundtable discussion sessions. This collaboration between research students and contemporary organisations will provide a range of exciting and dynamic opportunities.

Proposals for papers of c.20 minutes are welcomed from postgraduate research students. Imaginative and creative approaches to the theme of heroes and heroism are welcomed but subject matter must be limited to non-military heroism.

Proposals for papers (c.500 words) should be emailed to

Deadline for proposals: 1st May 2009