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Article by Dr Simon Peplow about the police and "institutional racism"

Dr Simon Peplow has written an article about the police and "institutional racism" for The Conversation, please see further details at:,

Dr James Poskett new book release

James Poskett, Horizons: A Global History of Science (Penguin, 2022) 

We are told that modern science was invented in Europe, the product of great minds like Nicolaus Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. But this is wrong. Science is not, and has never been, a uniquely European endeavour.

Horizons pushes the history of science beyond Europe, exploring the ways in which scientists from Africa, America, Asia and the Pacific fit into the story. Challenging both the existing narrative and our perceptions of revered individuals, above all this is a celebration of the work of scientists neglected by history. 

“Hugely important,” Jim Al-Khalili.

“Revolutionary and revelatory,” Alice Roberts.

Fri 25 Mar 2022, 08:47 | Tags: Publication

Publication of Dr Guido van Meersbergen new book Ethnography and Encounter: The Dutch and English in Seventeenth Century South Asia

This book published by Brill Ethnography and Encounter is the first book to systematically explore how Company agents’ understandings of and attitudes towards Asian peoples and societies informed institutional approaches to trade, diplomacy, and colonial governance.

Wed 27 Oct 2021, 09:46 | Tags: Publication

Sue Lemos Winner of the Olivette Otele Paper Prize

Sue Lemos wins the Olivette Otele Paper Prize for her paper on Queering Black Politics: The Black Lesbian and Gay Centre (Project) in London, 1980s-1990s

Fri 30 Jul 2021, 14:56 | Tags: Award Research Postgraduate Publication

Should History be removed from University's core study subjects?

Read the excellent letter by Jude Wilkinson, a first year undergraduate in PPE, in defence of the study of history

Tue 04 May 2021, 11:51 | Tags: Undergraduate Publication Faculty of Arts

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