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European World Fourth Edition Video



Drawing on the department’s longstanding core module for the period, Warwick’s early modernists have collaborated on a textbook which first appeared in 2009.

Now in its fourth edition, The European World 1500-1800: An Introduction to Early Modern History (London: Routledge, 2023) has been adopted by numerous universities and used by generations of students across the globe.

New Features

To mark the latest updates, which include two new chapters – on ‘Environments’ and ‘Food & Drink Cultures’, a fresh ‘all colour’ look and additional print as well as online features, Beat Kümin (editor) and William Rupp (assistant / website editor) have recorded a video introduction at the historic church of Berkswell just a few miles from campus. We hope that it will whet your appetite to find out more about The European World on its Routledge homepage and our companion website.

Teaser clip


For the full introduction please click on the video below: