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Antisemitism and the Limits of Liberalism


Antisemitism and Liberalism: 19th century Germany

Lars Fischer:
Friedrich Wilhelm Carové – the exception that confirms the rule?

Marcel Stoetzler & Christine Achinger:
Liberal antisemitism and the convergence of civic and ethnic nationalism – the cases of Treitschke and Freytag

Geoff Eley:
What are the contexts of antisemitism?

1-2pm: Buffet lunch

2-4 pm Antisemitism and the critique of Liberalism:
20th century theoretical reflections

David Seymour:
Critical Theory and the equivocation of juridical rights

Robert Fine:
Liberalism and antisemitism in Hannah Arendt's Origins of Totalitarianism.

Philip Spencer:
Radical anti-Semitism, counter-revolution and the Left