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Applications for a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017)

Many thanks for your interest in applying for a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, tenable in the Department of History at the University of Warwick. The Department is keen to encourage new research and support postdoctoral projects; potential applicants for this scheme are always welcome to approach us. In preparation for a possible bid, we recommend that each candidate considers:

  • The eligibility criteria and application procedures outlined on the British Academy website.
  • How your research and teaching plans fit with the History Department’s profile.
  • Which member(s) of the History Department's academic staff that would be particularly interested in the work proposed. You should contact this member of staff and you are encouraged to discuss your application with them in detail, and with others they suggest, prior to submitting your application to the History Department. Those consulted will be asked by the selection committee for their comments but will not otherwise take part in the selection process. If a candidate is selected for submission to the BA further advice and guidance will be available from the History Department and from the University's Research and Impact Services.
  • The highly competitive nature of this process and the small number of applications the History Department will be able to endorse.
  • Other possible funding schemes where Warwick could act as the host institution.

For the 2017 round, the internal British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship selection process will run as follows:

  • Applications have to reach the Department Administrator, Mrs Andrea Humber (, by no later than midnight GMT on Sunday 18th September 2016. Submissions must include:
    • A document covering all application information, completed as far as possible, required by the British Academy (please see the British Academy website for details.
    • A one-page outline of an undergraduate second-year module, based on your field of research, that could be taught in the second year of the British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship.
    • Academic CV.
    • One academic references. Please note that the British Academy has the following requirements:
      "Applicants must be supported by one self-nominated referee. The referee should normally be the external examiner, or, if not available, someone else who is as external to the applicant as possible."
    • Endorsement by a member of Warwick History Department academic staff.
  • All applicants will be emailed about the outcome as soon as possible after the submission date. Given the likely strength of the field and the cost implications, this will be a difficult decision based on consideration of a wide range of factors.
  • Those candidates that the department wishes to put forward will be asked to send their documentation to the University’s Research and Impact Services with immediate effect, and so must be available for consultation (usually by phone and email) between the internal departmental deadline of Sunday 18th September 2016 and the British Academy's submission deadline, 5th October 2016.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information or advice.

With best wishes,


Professor Mark Philp
History Department Director of Research