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Continuity and Change: (Re)conceptualising Power in South-east Asia

Continuity and Change will be a major interdisciplinary and International conference on South-east Asia. Its key aim is to reopen the debate on the issue of 'power' — both in real life and academic scholarship — as it is manifest across the region. Conference themes and questions will include:

• Are there, or were there ever, distinctly 'South-east Asian' notions of power that could still exist as alternatives or complements to Western folk and political models?
• Are scholars' analytic imaginaries of power in relation to nationhood and governance congruent with the imaginaries of South-east Asians witnessing or involved in such projects and processes?
• What are the shapes that 'power' takes?
• How have recent theoretical developments within various disciplines reshaped our understanding of the nature and location of power?
• How useful is the concept of 'South-east Asia' as a geographical, political and analytical entity in dealing with these issues?

Please note that, as part of this conference, there will be three events which are free and open to the public. They are:

James Scott (Political Science, Yale)
‘Introducing "Zomia": Site of the Last Great Enclosure Movement of (relatively) Stateless Peoples in Mountainous Southeast Asia’
Thursday 26 March, 16.30 – 18.00
Mill Lane Lecture Theatre 9

Shelly Errington (Anthropology, UC Santa Cruz)
Cosmic Centers and the Subject of the 21st Century
Friday 27 March, 16.30 – 18.00
Mill Lane Lecture Theatre 9

Film screening
‘Terlena: the Breaking of a Nation’ followed by a Q and A session with writer and producer Andre Vltchek
Thursday 26 March, 19.30 – 21.45
Winstanley Hall, Trinity College

It is not necessary to register for these three events, but registration must be completed for attendance of the entire conference
For further information and details of online registration, please visit: