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Interdisciplinary Conference on the Caribbean and its Diaspora

Invited Speakers:
Dr. William (Lez) Henry, Nu-Beyond Ltd, UK Lisa Wickham, E-Zone
Entertainment, T&T Troyton Rami, Black Shadow Records, USA

This is an interdisciplinary conference that seeks to analyze how the shifting boundaries, sense of dislocation, and loss of rootedness are grounded into the construction of the urban transnational Black Caribbean identity. Yaad/Yard-Hip Hop characterizes this identity through the post-immigration generation, who found themselves "locked symbiotically in an antagonistic relationship" between their parent/s' memories of home and their understanding of self within the socio-political context of Britain and the United States. The aim of this conference is to initiate a scholarly interchange between disciplines, in ways that will critically analyze the intersection of memory/re-memory/post-memory and popular culture in the construction of the Black Caribbean experience in Britain and the United States between the 1960s and the 1990s.

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