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Dr Detlef Siegfried at Warwick, 11-14 May 2009



Dr Detlef Siegfied


IAS Visiting Fellow from Københavns Universitet


11 - 14 May 2009


Monday 11 May
IAS Public Lecture by Detlef Siegfried


Agencies of a Post-Industrial Society:


The Alternative Milieu in West Germany in the 1970s




Humanities Building Room H.545


Tuesday 12 May
Round Table Discussion

’1968’and Academia:

(How Social Movements Affect Key Disciplines)




Initial Presentations by:


Geoff Eley (History)

Detlef Siegfried (History)

Rob Burns (German Studies)

Erica Carter (German Studies)

Jennifer Burns (Italian)

Hugh McLeod (Religious Studies)

Robert Fine (Sociology)





Humanities Building Room H.545


Wednesday 13 May
Film Screening


The Edukators

(Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei)



A film on ”1968” and its critical resurrection in recent years


Hosted by Detlef Siegfried and to be followed by a Question and Answer Session





Warwick Arts Centre



followed by



Der Baader Meinhof Komplex


4 pm


Thursday 14 May
Interdisciplinary Workshop

The Challenges of Social and Historical Research

drawing on ongoing research in 

Youth Cultures and Youth Politics in Postwar Europe



Clare Anderson (Sociology)




Hilary Pilkington (Sociology)

(Researching Youth in the Russian Far North)


Detlef Siegfried

(Youth Cultures and Politics in Postwar West Germany)


Celia Hughes (History)

(Subcultural Milieus of Late 1960s British Activism)


Andrea Hajek (Italian)

(Graffitti and the Movement of 1977)





University Library: Wolfson Research Exchange


Seminar Room 2





Post-Socialist Punk Cheese and Wine


to mark the start of an interdisciplinary AHRC Project