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Dr Kelly-Ann Couzens

Research Fellow, 'The Last Taboo of Motherhood: Postnatal Mental Disorders in 20th Century Britain' Project, (2021 - 2024). OR


I am an Australian-born historian of British medico-legal history, now living and working in the UK.

In December 2019, I graduated with my PhD in History from the University of Western Australia. My thesis, entitled: 'Medicine on Trial: Medical Testimony & Forensic Expertise in the Scottish High Court of Justiciary, c. 1822-1906' examined the professional careers and criminal cases of four leading forensic experts in nineteenth and early-twentieth century Edinburgh. Since early 2020, I have been living and working in Britain. From February 2020 to April 2021 I worked as a Research Assistant in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh. I am currently based in the History Department of the University of Warwick, working as a Research Fellow on the Wellcome funded project 'The Last Taboo of Motherhood? Postnatal Mental Disorders in 20th Century Britain' led by Professor Hilary Marland. I am also writing my first monograph on the history of the police surgeon in Britain - The Victorian Police Surgeon: A History of Crime and Forensic Medicine - to be published by Palgrave.


  • History of Crime and Justice
  • History of Medicine, Science & Expertise
  • History of Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially Scotland
  • History of the Media


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