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PhD and MA Students

Completed PhDs:

  • Cathy McClive, Bleeding Flowers and Waning Moons: A History of Menstruation in France, c.1495-1761 (completed 2004)
  • Jane Adams, The Mixed Economy of Medical Services in Herefordshire c.1770-c.1850 (completed 2004)
  • Vicky Long, Changing Public Representations of Mental Illness in Britain, 1870-1970 (completed 2004)
  • Sheryl Root, Healing and Touch, c.1890-1950 (completed 2005)
  • Lisa Petermann, The Development of Paediatrics in France and England, 1760-1883 (completed 2007)
  • Kathryn Miele, Representing Empathy: The Defence of Vulnerable Bodies in Victorian Medical Culture (completed 2008)
  • Judith Lockhart, ‘Truly a Hospital for Women’: The Birmingham and Midland Hospital for Women, 1871-1948 (completed 2008)
  • Brooke Whitelaw, Industry and the Interior Life: Work, Mental Health and Perceptions of Self in Britain, 1900-1951 (completed 2009)
  • Sue Aspinall, Environmentalism in Representations of Women and Exercise in Britain 1880s to 1920s (completed 2009)
  • Gaby Robilliard, Midwives and Identity in Early Modern Germany (completed 2010)
  • Stephen Soanes, Convalescence and the Public Asylum in England, 1918-39 (completed 2011)
  • Emily Andrews Old Age Mental Illness in Britain in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century (completed 2014)
  • Josette Duncan, Medical Charities in Malta, Cyprus and the Ionian Islands in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries (completed 2014)

MA dissertation topics supervised include:

  • Man-midwifery in Leeds 1759-1807
  • Eighteenth-Century Naval Doctors
  • The Founding of the Warwick Pauper Lunatic Asylum in the 1850s
  • Death, Burial and Friendly Societies in Nineteenth-Century Leicestershire
  • Women and Charity in Birmingham 1870-1900
  • The Mental After Care Association
  • Women Physicians in the First World War
  • Civilian Asylum Patients in the First World War
  • Medical Services, the Red Cross and Rehabilitation in the Second World War
  • The British Nursing Profession in Crisis 1939-45
  • Maternity Care and Women’s Work during the Second World War
  • Poor Law Officers and the Media
  • The Dangerous Trades of Cornish Tin Miners
  • The Health of Agricultural Workers in the Twentieth Century
  • Scanning the Body
  • Constipation and Modernity
  • Convalescence and Charity
  • Idiocy in Warwick County Asylum
  • Approaches to Breast Cancer in the Middlesex Hospital in the Late Nineteenth Century
  • Schizophrenia and the National Fellowship in late Twentieth-Centruy Britain