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Professor Mark Philp

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Office Hours:


Room 3.11, third floor of the Faculty of Arts Building
+44 (0)24 76150927 (x50927) 
Do please contact me by email if you wish to see me - I aim to respond quickly and am happy to talk in some form outside designated office hours

These are, formally: Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:00


Research Interests

My research includes work in the history of political thought, social and cultural history from 1750-1850, and political theory and political sociology, most recently on justice in relation to ageing, political corruption and issues relating to standards in public life. I am currently working on issues relating to political conduct and corruption, the re-imagining of democracy at the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries in Central and Northern Europe, a project on the Diaries of William Upcott, and on familial justice and ageing.

I chair the Research Advisory Board to the Committee on Standards in Public LifeLink opens in a new window and have contributed to enquiries conducted by the Committee. See also my Max Weber Lecture at the EUILink opens in a new window and the interview there about aspects of my work in this area ( There is a Kenya dimension to these interests details of which can be found on the following website:

From 2007-2010 I ran a three year digitization project on the the Diary of William Godwin, 1788-1836, funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Grant. The edited edition of the diary can be found at:

I co-direct with Joanna Innes (Oxford) the research project 'Re-imagining Democracy 1750-1850' see; which is working on its third book examining Latin America and the Caribbean.

I have also worked with Kate Astbury (Warwick) on the 100 days project and the Barricades Project: opens in a new window

I am the series editor of Founders of Modern Political and Social Thought for Oxford University Press. The most recent volume published was Malcolm Schofield's Cicero 2020.

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Academic Career

  • 2013-present: Professor of History and Politics, University of Warwick
  • 2014-2022 Director of Research and Impact, History
  • 2013-2018 Director of the European History Research Centre
  • 2000-2005: Head of Department, Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford (for leaving conference see here)
  • 1983-2013: Fellow and Tutor in Politics and a Lecturer in Politics, Oriel College, University of Oxford



Recent publications include


  • with Clare Clarke, The Diary of Sharon Turner, 1793-95 University of Warwick, December 2023)
  • E. Posado-Carbo, J. Innes and M. Philp eds., Re-imagining Democracy in Latin America and the Caribbean (New York, Oxford University Press, 2023).
  • Radical Conduct: Politics, Sociability and Equality in London 1789-1815 (Cambridge University Press, 2020 (September))
  • ed with Georgios Vouraxakis, Happiness and Utility: Essays Presented to Frederick Rosen (UCL Press, London, 2019)
  • ed. with Joanna Innes, Re-imagining Democracy in the Mediterranean 1780-1860 (Oxford University Press, 2018)
  • ed. The Autobiography of John Stuart Mill (Oxford World's Classics, 2018)
  • ed. with Katherine Astbury, Napoleon's Hundred Days and the Politics of Legitimacy (Palgrave, 2018)
  • ed. with Fred Rosen, J. S. MIll, On Liberty, Utilitarianism and Other Essays (OUP, World's Classics, 2015)
  • Reforming Ideas in Britain: Politics and Language in the Shadow of the French Revolution 1789-1815Link opens in a new window (Cambridge University Press, November 2013)
  • ed. William Godwin, Enquiry Concerning Political Justice (OUP, World's Classics, 2013)
  • ed. with J. Innes, Re-imagining Democracy in the Age of Revolutions (Oxford University Press, 2013)
  • ed. J Plamenatz, Machiavelli, Hobbes and Rousseau (Oxford University Press, 2012)
  • Political Conduct (Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 2007)
  • Thomas Paine (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2007)
  • ed., Resisting Napoleon: The British Response to the threat of invasion 1797-1815 (Aldershot, Ashgate, 2006)
  • Napoleon and the Invasion of Britain, with Alexandra Franklin, (Bodleian Library, Oxford, 2003)
  • ed., Thomas Paine Rights of Man, Common Sense, and other Political Writings (Oxford, World's Classics, 1995)
  • General Editor, Collected Political and Philosophical Writings of William Godwin, 7 Volumes (Pickering Masters 1993)
  • General Editor, Collected Novels and Memoirs of William Godwin, 8 Volumes (Pickering Maters, 1992)
  • ed., The French Revolution and British Popular Politics (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1991)
  • Paine (Oxford University Press, Past Master Series, 1989)
  • Godwin's Political Justice (Duckworth (UK) and Cornell University Press (USA), 1986) (paper 1988)

 Recent articles include:

  • 'The Passions, Real Politics, and the Practice of Political Theory: an interview with Mark Philp' Politics and Poetics V, July 2023
  • 'Touch: Changing norms of physical contact between men and women in 18th century England' Dix Huitieme Siecle 55, 2023, 63-77
  • 'Candour, Courage and the Calculation of Consequences in Godwin's 1790s' in Eliza O'Brien et al, New Approaches to William Godwin (Palgrave, Macmillan, 2021)
  • 'Music and Movement in Britain 1789-1815' Journal of British Studies 60 (2) 2021 403-415
  • 'Paine and Socioeconomic Rights' French History Volume 33, Issue 4, December 2019, Pages 554–57 opens in a new window
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  • with Dominic Burbidge 'Corruption' in the Routledge Handbook of Democratization in Africa ed.,Gabrielle Lynch and Peter VonDoepp (Routledge, London, 2019), 434-447
  • 'The Corruption of Politics' Social Philosophy and Policy 35 (2) Winter 2018, 73-93.
  • 'Democracy' from Book to Life: The emergence of the term in active political debate to 1848' with Joanna Innes in Democracy in Modern Europe: A Conceptual History, ed., Jussi Kurunmaki, Jeppe Nevers and Henk te Velde (Berghahn, New York, 2018, 16-41.
  • 'Politics and the "Pure of Heart": Realism and Corruption' in Matt Sleat ed., Politics Recovered: Realist Thought in Theory and Practice (Columbia University Press, New York, 2018), 194-217.
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  • 'Nervous laughter and the invasion of Britain 1797-1805' in Mark Knights and Adam Morton, The Power of Laughter and Satire in Early Modern Britain: Political and Religious Culture 1500-1800 (Boydell, 2017).
  • 'Justice, Realism, and Family Care for the Aged' Social Philosophy and Policy (Winter, 2016) vol 23 (1 and 2
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