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Emeritus Professor Robin Okey

Academic Profile
  • Born 1942. BA , Oxford 1963; D Phil, Oxford, 1972
  • Teacher at University of Warwick since 1966; Emeritus Professor since 2007
  • Visiting Professor at Chiba University, Japan, January- April 1989
  • Fellow of Royal Historical Society
Undergraduate Modules Taught (no longer taught)
  • Eastern Europe since 1918 (HI124)
  • Eastern Europe in Crisis, 1939-48 (HI349) Nationalism
  • From Feudalism to Communism
  • European History since 1750
Postgraduate Modules Taught (no longer taught)
  • Nationalism in Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, c. 1880-1991
Selected Publications
  • Eastern Europe 1740-1980 (Hutchinson, 1982); second extended edition as Eastern Europe 1740-1985 (Hutchinson, 1986). Also published in Japanese, (Keiso Shobo, 1987)
  • The Habsburg Monarchy c. 1765-1918. Enlightenment to Eclipse (Macmillan, October 2000)
  • The Demise of Communist East Europe. 1989 in Context(Hodder Arnold, 2004)
  • Taming Balkan Nationalism. The Habsburg 'Civilizing Mission' in Bosnia, 1878-1914 (OUP, 2007)

My thesis work on the cultural politics of the Austro-Hungarian administration of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1878-1903) brought me into contact not only with the history of Bosnia, but with that of neighbouring Serbia and Croatia and of the Austrian and Hungarian halves of the Habsburg Monarchy. An up-to-date study of this topic over a wider time-span was published by OUP in September 2007. The interrelations of these different centres have been the subject of my specialist research interests, reflected in numerous articles. The wider dimensions suggested by this multiple focus, and the need to learn Slav languages and Hungarian, led me on to works of synthesis on Eastern Europe and the Habsburg Monarchy, based on the problems of attempted catch-up with the West ('modernisation'), both in terms of socio-economic and ethno-cultural development. The pervasive east European questions of nationalism and minorities fed into a natural interest in such issues prompted by a Welsh background to lead me to write also on these matters in a comparative west-east European context. My next project, as yet in the stage of conjecture, is to be a comparison of the relation between religion and national consciousness in Wales and Slovenia in the overlapping period of national revival in Eastern Europe and religious revival in Wales.

Recent Research Topics Supervised (PhD, MA)
  • Through the prism of the Habsburg Monarchy. Hungary in American Diplomacy and Public Opinion during World War I (PhD)
  • The Recognition Dispute between Greece and Macedonia, 1992-95, in its Historical Context (MA by research)
  • The Man from the Day After Tomorrow and the World of Yesterday: A Case Study of the Evolution of Modern Austrian Identity from Königgrätz to World War I in Austrian Intellectual Thought. (MA by research)
Dr Robin Okey