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Call for Interest

If you fit the below essential criteria, please complete this Form to register your interest.

Essential criteria

  • Adult (18+) and consenting LGBTQ+ members of the BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) community.
  • Migrated to/resident/working in Coventry for at least 10 months or more and willing to share their experience of living in the city.

We are interested to know more about LGBTQ+ and Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority persons, who have immigrated to the UK (first or second generation) or refugees seeking asylum. Participants will be given a £10 Amazon gift voucher as a token of thanks for their time and help for finished interviews. One-on-one interviews will be conducted by a project member over Skype/Microsoft Teams. Proof may be sought from participants re residence/age. Should you have any queries, please drop us a line at:

Interviews will be audio recorded. All names or personalised data of interviewees shall be anonymised, unless otherwise stated in the Consent Form. Transcriptions will be safely stored until the end of the project and will not be accessed by anybody else. Utmost care will be taken to conduct the interviews with discretion and sensitivity. It goes without saying that consent would be obtained from relevant persons/groups before requesting any personal details. Information collected are subject to the Data Protection Act 2018.