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Chloe Challender

Institutional intimacies: the 19th century British Parliament & histories of gender and sexuality

This part-time PhD, an M4C collaborative doctoral award between Warwick University and the Parliamentary Archives, uses approaches and insights developed in histories of gender and sexuality to focus on individuals’ interactions with the institution of Parliament in the long Nineteenth Century. With a particular focus on the construction of gender and sexuality, the project examines how ‘affect’ existed in and influenced the spatial and temporal aspects of Parliament. What was the nature of intimacy’s entanglement with elite politics and a heteronormative masculinised political institution?

A multi-disciplinary PhD, the analysis interweaves theoretical and empirical insights from history of emotion and intimacy, histories of sexuality, and gender and queer studies, providing an innovative institutional history of Parliament and its effect on the politics and social history of the long Nineteenth Century.

My supervisors are Professor Mathew Thomson and Dr Laura Schwartz.



Sarah Childs and Chloe Challender, ‘Re-gendering the UK House of Commons: The Academic Critical Actor and Her ‘Feminist in Residence’ (Political Studies Review Vol 17 Issue 4, 428-435, 1 August 2019)

Adam Mellows-Facer, Chloe Challender and Paul Evans, ‘Select Committees: Agents of Change’ (Parliamentary Affairs Vol 72 Issue 4, pages 903-922, October 2019)

Chloe Challender and Harriet Deane, ‘The construction of the Good Parliamentarian within the House of Commons’ (Study of Parliament Group 2021)

Chloe Challender, 'The smallest room in the House?', blog for History of Parliament Trust, 16 January 2023


Co-presenter, M4C Research Festival, 4 October 2023

Co-convenor, 'Maternal Bodies' Symposium, 15 June 2023, University of Birmingham (M4C/AHRC-funded event)

Panellist, Gender and Political Groups in Britain c.1650-1950, 19 May 2023, University of Northampton