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Venice code of conduct



This Code of Conduct applies to students undertaking programmes of study or work outside the UK. It may be supplemented by further rules, regulations and agreements relevant to the programme of study or work and circumstances in the particular country or countries visited, either before travel or during the Venice Term programme (the programme).

[This should also be read in conjunction with the University’s policy on Harassment: and the Disciplinary Regulations: ]

The University actively encourages all its students to take advantage of opportunities to study and work overseas, to gain a broader international experience during their course of study. It recognises students as responsible adult learners and as such expects standards of behaviour appropriate to representatives of the University. The University also has a duty of care to all its students and will provide support services, advice and guidance on matters related to health, safety, security, travel, work, study and living overseas which it expects students to follow. This Code of Conduct has been introduced to help ensure that all students have an enjoyable, enriching and safe experience during their time abroad.

Both during travel to/from Venice and during your time on the programme, you are responsible for your conduct as a representative or ambassador of the University. As such, the University expects all students to recognise their responsibilities and at all times to:
• behave in a way that respects the rights and dignity of others, the local culture diversity, customs and laws;
• use each social interaction to display courtesy and good manners;
• work and study on a co-operative basis;
• attend all prescribed training and preparatory courses and briefings and adhere to appropriate health and safety guidelines and advice given, whether provided prior to travel or during the course of the programme and take appropriate and sensible precautions;
• behave in a way that will not jeopardise the future of the programme or other students’ ability to experience the programme;
• behave in a way that will not compromise their personal safety and security or that of others which may arise, for example, through consumption of alcohol or use of drugs.
Any form of behaviour which offends others, puts you and/or others at risk or in danger, or seriously disrupts or prejudices the work or study of others, or could be deemed to, will not be tolerated. Any behaviour of this nature may lead to you being withdrawn from the programme, and also may result in action taken under the University’s Disciplinary Regulations:
You may also incur additional costs relating to your early departure from the programme.

It is also important that you respect the accommodation you are staying in, and are mindful of others, unrelated to your programme of study or work, who may also be sharing that accommodation and refrain from anti-social or disruptive behaviour, for example, excessive noise levels, particularly late at night.

Safety and Security
Your safety and security at all times are of paramount importance. If you are in a group, you have responsibilities to the whole group. It is vital that you appreciate that your behaviour could have an impact not just on your own safety but also put others at risk or in danger as a result. You should look out for others in your group and be clear on safety procedures and contacts in the event of an incident or an emergency.

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